Prayer Request for Wednesday | July 27, 2011

If you are not aware, I work a full time job as well as serve as Lead Pastor. I have a break and wanted to pass along a few prayer requests that have been given in today.

My Wife, Chanelle – Doctor appointment.

My Daughter, Julianna – She has had a good bit of doctor appts the past few weeks due to allergy issues and now for what seems like bites of some sort on two of her fingers. The doc put her on an ointment and it appears to be helping but it looks now as if something has irritated her ear lobe. Looks as if another doctor appt will be scheduled to see what is going on. We really need a miracle due to the financial strain of so many appointments and medicine.

L Baxley – Attends St George COG and is recovering from having out paitient surgery on yesterday.

Friend of E Flannery – E Flannery’s has a friend who’s Mom has double pnemonia, and a few other health issues and needs God to intervene.

A Archer – Last stages of Pregnancy. Should be having a baby within the next few weeks.

Financial Need – Spoke with an attendee of St George COG and they need a financial miracle in order to pay their light bill.

Maybe you have a prayer request, If so, submit it by clicking HERE

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