In the past few weeks of filling in with the preaching responsibilities at Hardeeville, I have noticed that by Thursday’s, I am wiped out.  I guess it can be in part to work as well but whatever the reason, by Thursday, I am completely drained. I am beginning to learn what it means to pace yourself when you have a lot going on and how important it is to do so.  I am going to blog in depth about that a little later when I get some solid time to gather my thoughts on it.  For now, I am going to get some things prepared for this Sunday.

Keep Pursuing – GT


3 Weeks and 6 Services Later

Its been three weeks now that I have been filling in a Hardeeville Church of God. I believe that a lot has been accomplished in the lives of the members and super thankful to be fulfilling in the capacity that I am. It seems like the services keep getting better and the expectancy in the air is more intense week after week. I am still trying to get used to scheduling my time during the week between my full time day job, family, and message prep but God is faithful. Matter of fact, I quit trying to look for sermons. I am trying to preach more from what God is teaching me first hand via my quiet time. Once again, He is faithful.

We have managed to capture the audio of the Sunday services and will hopefully be getting those out via a podcast in the next few days or so. Hopefully they will help bring value to someones pursuit. Its been a busy weekend and a great day.

Living The Pursuit – GT

What About the Churches About To Close Their Doors

There is no doubt that we are still in an economical slump and our Churches are taking a hit as well. On the flip side, we have numerous churches being planted/starting each week but… We also have numerous Churches closing or thinking of closing their doors weekly also. Churches who wonder how they are going to keep going. I am sure there are many factors that go into a Church “Shutting Down” but the one thing that was really pressing hard on my mind this morning was the Churches that are about to close their doors. So today I am praying for those Churches. That God would revive those Churches to do a work in their community. Just one simple question, What about the Churches about to close their doors..for good?

Keep Pursuing!

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Dafuskie This Morning a Party Tomorrow and I Still Hate Lightning Storms

Made it to the south end of Hilton Head first thing this morning to catch a boat to Dafuskie Island to do some work at the School. The sunrise was awesome to see as I made my way down the dock to the ferry. Captured a few pics on my phone that was amazing. Was able to take a brief tour of the island while on our way to catch the ferry to come back to the mainland. I am going to have to get back over there one Saturday and get some of the locals to take me around. All around it is a great place.

Julianna’s first birthday party is tomorrow so we will be super busy with that pretty much most of the day. We have a pretty strong storm moving through tonight so I had to jump off the computer and settled to update from my phone. BTW, I despise lightning storms, always have and most likely always will. Yep, 28 and still not fond of them. I guess some things never change.

Keep Pressing On!

Shots Bikes and Blonde Squirrels

I have some kind of sinus/cold thing going on that is driving me crazy, not sure what it is but its got to go. We have too much planned this weekend and I have to preach Sunday so I hope I am 100%. Julianna had a doctors visit today. She had to get her 1yr old shots. They tested her hemoglobian and it was a little low, so the doc want us to increase foods with iron in them into her diet. They should be doing another test at about 15months.

Peyton has been saving up some spare change and such we have had left over for a while. So, I took him to the store and bought him a bike with it. We got him a helmet and all…he feels like he is one of the big kids now. Hard to believe he will be four in January. While at park today we saw something pretty interesting, an AlBino/Blonde squirral. I have never seen one before. I grabbed some pics, will have to share them later. Overall it was a pretty great day.

Keep Pursuing!

Daily Jots

I am attempting something new. I am not too consistant at blogging so I thought of a way that may keep me regular. I will shoot a post from my phone via txt message highlighting some of my daily happenings or things that stand out. I figure this may be easier due to the fact that I can do it more convienntly and within boundries. I can send txt from my phone to my blog with no more than 1000 characters so it will make me be more or less brief but still putting out regular posts. It can also help by throwing out an idea for me to post about in detail at a later time. So, this is my new blogging goal that I hope will help me develop a more routine blogging time. Maybe along the way some of my daily happenings can help someone else live out their pursuit with passion. Well, this is my first and I am at the end of my limit so stay tuned for my next update within a day or two.

Keep Pursuing!