Happy Thanksgiving

There are many things I am thankful for and to name them all would take way to much of your time and you would probably get really bored sitting through the post. So as I spend this thanksgiving day with my family and enjoy a great meal and great company I wanted to personally say to the readers that I thank you. Some of you I have the privilege of knowing personally, but also realize that many of you I have never met. Thanks for your time in reading what I post and for your input and lessons that you have in life by commenting. While I take a break today and focus solely on my friends and family that will be gathering at our house I didn’t want to leave you out. So, as I think about what I am thankful for includes; My wife Chanelle, my children Peyton and Julianna, top the list. I am thankful for a great family, and some pretty awesome friends. I am also thankful for you. Though we may never meet in person, thank you for stretching me through your comments, and taking part in my journey, thank you for reading, commenting, and to those of you who have subscribed via email or the rss feed. Have a great Thanksgiving!


An Attitude of Praise See's God's Blessings

This is part 3 of 3 in An Attitude of Praise Series. This message was given by the Senior Pastor of Beaufort Church of God on 11/22/2009 click Psalm 103:1-5 to read the scripture text used in this message. An authentic relationship with God is constantly reminded of the blessings that we have. In the midst of everything around us it is important to understand as scripture states, God inhabits the praises of His people. There is nothing more fulfilling than turning our unfavorable circumstances into an opportunity to give thanks and praise to God for what He has done in our life. It is God’s desire for us to recognize what we have which is totally contrary to the desire that the enemy of our souls has. He wants us to recognize what we don’t have. When we allow what we don’t have to control out thoughts and emotions we can never fully experience the blessings of God. The individual that can look at all that is around them, and see that even in the midst of trial or tribulation God’s blessings you can begin to fully experience the freedom that comes from a life of serving Christ. Think of the testimony that you give to others by focusing on the positive in the midst of your circumstance. An important key aspect is to count your blessings. How has God bless you?

A key thought today is to look back and count the blessings of God on your life? What has he brought you from? Where is he wanting to take you? Remember to put on an attitude of praise in all things. To read more in this series Click the links below.

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An Attitude of Praise Comes from the Heart

This is part 2 of 3 in the  Attitude of Praise series. This series is based on the message given by the Senior Pastor of Beaufort Church of God. Check out the scripture text for this message here Psalm 103:1-5. When true praise comes from your mouth it is based on what is already stored up in your heart. We learn through the scriptures that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. When our heart is overwhelmed by the majesty and security found in God no matter what situation we find our self in our lips will utter what is hidden in the heart. One of the greatest points that stood out in this part of the message was that the enemy of our souls wants us to believe that we don’t have a reason to praise God. When the praise from our heart comes through our lips it takes the focus off of us and puts the focus back on God. You want to get the enemy of your soul really mad, get the focus off of your situation and circumstance and direct your care and need to God in praise. Remember that whatever is stored in your heart will come out. It is during those times of crises that we show what is really stored in our heart.

So where are you at, Are you trusting God deep down in your heart? What is the first thing that comes out during the times of Crises, is it praise that touches the heart of God or is it insecurity? Remember to not only thank God during the great times but praise him when things aren’t that great. It shows our complete trust and dependence in the one who made us. For Further Reading Click the Following Links.

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An Attitude of Praise is About Knowing You Have a Choice

This is part 1 of 3 of An Attitude of Praise from the message by the Senior Pastor in our weekend worship experience. To read the scripture text just click on Psalm 103:1-5. We have a right and a requirement to praise. It is funny how criticism is a whole lot easier to communicate than praise. There is a whole lot of junk that goes on in life and by human nature we tend to criticize and complain about it. It is all about Attitude, how we perceive what is going on around us. Simply put, one aspect of having an attitude of praise is about knowing we have a choice.

We have a choice on how we will act or react to all that goes on around us. A lifestyle of Authenticity isn’t about acting like pain, hurt, heartache, etc. doesn’t exist in our life is about making a decision not to allow it to effect our outlook on life. David was known for his praise throughout the scriptures in good times and bad there are plenty of verses which point to him praising God. In all honesty there is never a time where praise is not appropriate. The question for the moment is, are you going to allow the circumstances of the moment determine who you will put your trust and praise in? Remember An Attitude of Praise is all about a Choice that we make. Remember you can find the good and bad in anything.

Today take a moment to reflect, read over the scripture text given above and answer the following question. Am I praising God for all that I have? Is there anything that I am currently criticizing that I can choose to turn over to God in Praise? For futher reading in this series check out the following links.

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Date Night

Its something Chanelle and I don’t do as often as we would like, but tonight is a date night for us. We are going to the movies. Its been years since we have actually went to a movie theater to see a movie. Tonight were throwing a change up and doing something spontaneous and exciting, going outside the box of our normal routine and seeing a flick. We are going to catch New Moon then hopefully a bite (no pun intended) to eat afterwards.

If you are married, with kiddo’s, and both of you hold full time jobs what are some ways you keep spontinaity in your relationship? Do you have a set date night, do you even make alone time a priority? I definitly think it’s a must, but finding the right time is a bit of a challenge at times. What feedback or advice would you give?

When Bad News Breaks

Unfavorable news is never easy to adjust to. One thing it never fails to do, it slows you down. It causes you to reflect and hope for positive outcome. I am plagued by the thought as I write this, “why does it take bad news to slow you down and reflect on the positives, or joyful time.” Maybe its because of the time lost, the could have should have mentality. I don’t know.

I do know that realignment is needed. A realignment to give more time on reflection before the unfavorable happens. When we focus on making the most of every opportunity as if it were the last and give ourselves over to making more lasting memories, we will have less to count as loss when the unfavorable news comes.

Maybe this is your reminder to slow down a bit. Enjoy life and make every opportunity to show those around you that you care.


Have you ever taken the sunrise for granted? Somehow the awe gets taken out of the miraculous simply because we have become so adjusted to seeing constants take place. The sunrise is one of those things. We expect it to be their each morning because it is a constant right? The sun rises the sun sets. Light comes and light goes. Maybe we haven’t been in awe of it in a long time. I came across this video, watch it, reflect at how miraculous the Sunrise is, and then take a few more moments to thank God for the constants He keeps in place. Don’t allow the routine to take precedence over the adventure.

Thoughts on Time

Its been a busy time for me the last couple of weeks. I have been trying to pour as much time as I possibly can into the lessons that I am doing on Wednesday nights. Last week we kicked off the Chase the Goose series for our mid week bible study and tomorrow night we kick off round two, discussing the cage of routine.

I am totally pumped at where we are going in this series. If you are in or around the Beaufort, SC area stop by Beaufort Church of God Wednesday’s @ 7PM and join us.

One of the things I am learning is that we can all make excuses for not giving our best. I have found that we each are on a level playing field when it comes to time. We all have the same seconds in an minute, minutes in and hour, Hours in a day, Days in a year. While we may have a little less day’s in our lives and different responsibility’s than the next person, we have no excuse for not giving our best. How we plan our time and what we do with our time either show discipline or lack thereof.

I will leave you with this thought. What do you NOT have time for and what do you need to do to rearrange some things to make your time here count?

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