Please Pray

If you would please pray for my #broNlaw I just received a text from my sister that he is having to be admitted in the hospital for treatment due to diverticulitis. About a year and a half ago he was hospitalized to have it removed and seemed to be doing well with no flare ups or problems. However it is back and is now causing him issues again.

If you have ever had it or know someone who has it is painful and you have to be cautious about certain foods you eat. On behalf of my sister and brother in law I ask that if you would please remember to pray for them. Thanks.

*UPDATE :: My Brother in law is on medication and unfortunantly they are not able to do another surgery. This just means that his eating habits has to change and avoid certain foods that will cause this issue to come up again, such as nuts, seeds, etc. So in your prayers please remember them during this transition. Thanks


If I Could Only Wake Up

If I can be honest sometimes it is just too hard to get up and start my day journaling. Not that it is hard to read or pen down some thoughts that I feel God is speaking to me, it is just too hard to get up. My alarm goes off and while half asleep I hit the off button then an hour later I find myself scrambling to get out of bed, get ready and head off to work.

I have to leave my house by 6:40 in order to be at the job site so my goal is to get up at 5:00. Its at that time that our house is the quietest and there are no distractions and I can just sit, and reflect. Too often I don’t make it so I have tried a different approach.

My goal is to set a meeting time. I have plugged the time into my calender during the weekdays from 5:00-6:15 with a reminder 15min prior, so it is right there on my Blackberry. I use the BB as my alarm so it is the first thing I see. My goal for the set appointment is, when I get up to turn my alarm off, I will be reminded that I have an appointment to get alone with God. That may sound like a lame attempt but I am freshest first thing in the morning with a clearer outlook on what I read. The first hour or so I am awake I am at my clearest.

Is there a time of the day that you have set aside for your reflections/journaling and Bible reading or do you just do it spontaniously as you see fit? When are you the clearest and what do you think about having a visual reminder of an appointment to get alone with God?

Please Leave a comment with your feedback and different methods you use to engage with God during your devotions.

Leaders and Boundries

Read from 2 Samuel 11 for my daily devotions. I know you already know the story, David and Bathsheba and how David had her husband Killed. Reading the story this time a few things stood out to me. I don’t think that David intended on killing Uriah. After finding out about Bathsheba’s pregnancy David called to have Uriah come home. David made multiple attempts to get Uriah to go to his own home and enjoy his wife. One time David got him drunk but Uriah slept at the kings gate with the rest of the soldiers simply because his men were out there in battle and he could not see them out their risking their lives and him enjoying the pleasures of home. David’s next step to cover up his sin was then to have Uriah killed in battle by putting him on the front lines.

David did wrong, got a girl got pregnant, so he tried to cover it up by having her husband come home from battle for a short time so he would sleep with her, then Uriah would go back off to battle and when he came home from war it would be as if it was Uriah’s child. That didn’t happen, David sent Uriah out to the front lines he was killed, and David then took Bathsheba in as his wife.

Out of that story I took a few things away that I wanted to share with you

  • You can’t cover up sin.
  • Even though you are the top dog leader, there are somethings that are off limits.
  • You never win when you try to cover things up.
  • Just because you screwed up and are trying to make a way to cover it up doesn’t mean that someone else will slack out on their leadership responsibility.

I personally think Uriah showed a great Leadership Mentality in this passage. He was behind the cause and backed the king. It is heart wretching to know that the King, David, took advantage of his leadership, tried to cover it up, and lost a great leader in the process.

Your decisions don’t just affect you but those around you.

Two Friends Engaged

Everytime I hear of an engagement it takes me back to Dec. 24, 2004 when I asked my wife to marry me. I knew she would say yes, but the nevousness and excitement of asking her was about all I could take. Three months later I added another ring and she became my wife.

Last night, who I consider two great friends, decided to get engaged. What a match. These two individuals have a heart for God that is freakin huge. Their love for each other is just as big. If you can’t tell two people are in love and have a desire for serving God together when you are around them, well, you are messed up and don’t really know what Love is.

So this post is dedicated to you guys. Lauren and Greyson Congrats. I am honored to be called a friend and stoked about your decision and can’t wait to be sitting in the crowd when you say I do. Your passion for God is evident, and your love for each other is awesome to see.

So Congrats again guys.

July 4th Thoughts

I am grateful to have freedom. I am thankful of the men and women who FIGHT to make sure we stay free. I am also aware of the fact that the freedom I get to enjoy came at a great price. Graves are filled with the remains of men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice to make sure I could live and enjoy the freedom within theUSA. Thank you to all of our military men and women who keeps our country safe. You are true hero’s and I get to enjoy all the great things of this great country because of you. I can worship how I see fit. I can walk down the street without fear of being imprisoned because of my faith. While yes there are a lot of things that I don’t agree with in this great country, I still love it. So thank you for all that it is, and a place to call home.