When No One is Looking

How would others define how I lived.  Do they see who I say I am.  I believe that it is easy to say one thing and do another when no one is looking.  Imagine this what if two people followed you around without you knowing.  If they were able to peek into all aspects of your life.  What would their conclusion be as it related to your life.

That was a sobering thought for me. Our journey in life must be taken seriously. I belive that we are not here by accident and things don’t just happen. We have choices that affect not only us but those around us. How are we interacting, how are we living, what are we doing when no one is looking?


Bath Time Adventures

Kids and water the two go hand in hand right. At least you would think so, but you may not really know my son. Giving him a bath is normally no problem at least not too much of a problem. However give him a sprinkler he runs, get him near a kiddy pool he would rather sit on the porch. Why do some kids have such a great taste for water and others absolutely detest its cooling freshness in the hot sun. I am not even going to try and find the answer to that….

Last night was the ritual bath time adventure. After much debate and laying my case for why Chanelle was more qualified to give Peyton a bath, I finally decided that as to loose the battle scared and helpless, I would walk quietly down the hall and get everything in order to give him a bath.  After walking back down the hall calling his name inviting him to “bath time,”  I walked into the living room and he was hiding under a chair….

I started thinking, why would anyone hide from something so refreshing and relaxing. Unfortunately his speech hasn’t built up enough to tell me exactly what it is he doesn’t like about the bath but i will just have to assume that it is something he just really doesn’t want to do.

Will he ever stop hiding when we tell him it is bath time, will he get the courage the next time i turn the sprinkler on and dash through it, will he play with his friends in the pool, ever. I can’t answer that at this point but I do know that for now bath time will always be an adventure at our house.