Reflections on Pentecost #OurCOG

As a Pentecostal, celebrating the events which took place on Pentecost isn’t as much about trying to reenact what took place in Acts 2 but instead to renew my commitment and align my life in order to be filled with the Holy Spirits power.

Having the Holy Spirit indwelling in you allows you to be a living witness of Jesus Christ. He gives the power to be a witness of what Christ has done and who Christ is. The season of Pentecost should not drive us stick out our chest in spiritual arrogance (not even sure those two words should be used together) but it should drive us to our knees in repentance for not taking advantage of the opportunities that God has placed in front of us to testify of Jesus Christ.

I firmly believe that only a season of prayer has the ability reignite a flame in our lives that will give us the power to be a living witness no matter what context we find ourself in.

Keep living a life of pursuit with your focus upward and your reach outward.