Do We Have A Genuine Concern For Others

I have noticed the lack of care and genuine concern for others all around me. On a constant basis I see people figuratively “thrown under the bus” whether it be on the job, grocery shopping, crossing the street, etc. Maybe you have noticed that. Have you seen concern for others diminish? Maybe a concern for others has diminished in your life. It is my hope that each believer would display a genuine concern for those around them. When concern for others isn’t shown we are failing to live Practical Christian Lives. The Christian life wasn’t just something to enter into once and then be on our marry way with our entrance ticket into heaven in hand. We are called to practically live out the principles found in our guide to Christian living called the Bible.

I am getting anxious about our time together at the St George Church of God during the weekly Bible Study on Thursday nights. Honestly, it can’t get here fast enough. Over the next three weeks as we conclude our study on Practical Christian Living we will evaluate how we personally care for those around us. Each individual we come into contact with on a daily basis. I have really enjoyed diving into the topic of Practical Christian Living and hopefully it has revolutionized the way you live out the Christian Life. Maybe you have been a part of the study of the past few weeks. Don’t forget to share what you have learned. Don’t forget to invite someone to be a part of the discussion. Can’t wait to see you at SGCOG.

Don’t just be concerned…demonstrate a genuine concern for those around you.

Living the Pursuit | Your Pastor, George Tallmage