I am One Proud Pastor

The closer Christmas Eve gets the more excited I am. On Christmas Eve at 5:30 we will be having our first Christmas Eve service at St George Church of God. Not only am I excited about the service but we are making a difference this weekend in the lives of people throughout our community.

We’ve seen the church step up and follow after God and we are going to be delivering Christmas Eve Meals to 6 families. Another individual stepped up and followed after God and are making sure that a family gets Christmas by delivering gifts to them. We are also flooding the local nursing home with cards for each patient and worker. That’s right over 200 cards were hand filled out this week and will be delivered the day before Christmas Eve. We have made an attempt to hand deliver 500 postcards to the community over the past two weeks to invite them to our Christmas Eve celebration. We only have about 10 left over.

Some very dedicated people have been working like crazy to make sure that our community knows that we are a Church for people looking for life and significance this Christmas. We are committed to making sure we saturate our community with the love and hope of Jesus Christ.

This makes me one proud Pastor.

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An Open Letter To SGCOG

I am blessed to serve such a great community of believers. St George Church of God, I can’t wait to be with you in service tomorrow. I thought I would let you know where my heads at today in relation to our gathering tomorrow. I am resting, anticipating, and praying. I am praying for you and your family. Anticipating on seeing you in service, resting so that I can I can give everything I have in order to communicate the Gospel effectively. Chanelle and I took a spontaneous trip to Sumter today in order to spend a much needed day with family it is refreshing to see all the kiddo’s playing together. There is a house full.

Can I ask you to join with me in taking a rest at some point today and seek God for our time together. I am not sure if you are aware but in the past month we have celebrated 3 people who have trusted Christ as their personal savior, two last weekend. I am expecting tomorrow to be no different I believe God is going to change lives.

I am ready, are you? Remember, we have two services tomorrow, 11:00AM (Doors open at 10:15) and 6:00PM (doors open at 5:15). Can’t wait to see you there.

Tuesday’s Prayer Meeting Recap

Do churches do that anymore?

Last night we had a time of prayer at St George Church of God in which 14 people showed up for (5 were children under 10), not counting those who set that time aside at their home. We are going to embark on a venture to block out the noise around us and pray. As it relates to the Great Commission, prayer must be a high priority. It will help us map out the course in order to fulfill the unique purpose God has called us to do.

I have a motto about prayer, “If prayer got us here, it’s going to take prayer to get us there.” I believe last night was a landmark event in what God is beginning to do through the local church to reach the St George, South Carolina Community.

If you read through the Old Testament you will find people like Abraham who often went back to the places where he previously established altars in remembrance of when something significant happened in his life. Abraham led by example and we are to follow. We must build altars which remind us where God brought us from and serve as encouragement for where God can take us to. Some say you can never go forward if you go back. It is wise to go back to those places where God did something extraordinary in order to keep going forward.

When is the last time you’ve went back? Is there a time where God worked in your life and you vowed never to forget it? That vow is a spritual altar, when is the last time you reflected on it? If prayer is going to be the driving force in the Church and in our personal lives, we must turn the ignition and start it up.

Developing a healthy prayer life starts with praying. Make time to pray a little and you will find yourself praying often

Yesterday was a great first as a Pastor. We were blessed to host Richard and Elizabeth Murphy, Missionaries to Ecuador. The Murphy’s are definitely no strangers to St George Church of God, St George SC. The church has been supporting their ministry long before I settled in as Pastor in March. However, this was my first time getting to meet them personally. They not only poured into my life but also the Church. They love people and it shows through preaching, interaction with the congregation, and genuine care. The Murphy’s are doing a great work and I would recommend if you are looking for a ministry to support consider donating to their work by clicking HERE. I am proud to say that we are having an impact in Ecuador by supporting the ministry of Richard and Elizabeth Murphy


God Still Performs Miracles

I received a testimony tonight from a gentleman that attends St George COG. Some people ask if God still heals. I say, with a resounding…YES. This gentleman came up for prayer last Sunday Night. He had pulse issues and has not been able to get it under control for sometime. We anointed him with Oil and prayed together. I could feel a surge of power sweep through our prayer time. Tonight he testified that this past week his levels have been in the normal range. His Doctor said it sounded as if he had an irregular heartbeat and is finally straightening itself out on it’s own. We both agreed that the power of prayer works. God still hears and God still moves.

Prayer Request For 7 Week Old Savannah Walker

Just received a phone call from Sharon Walker who attends St George Church of God. She asked for prayer for her Grandaughter Savannah who is approx 7 weeks old. She had to go the doc yesterday and has to go back tomorrow.

Maybe you have a request you would like to share, you can do so HERE.

Prayer Request for Wednesday | July 27, 2011

If you are not aware, I work a full time job as well as serve as Lead Pastor. I have a break and wanted to pass along a few prayer requests that have been given in today.

My Wife, Chanelle – Doctor appointment.

My Daughter, Julianna – She has had a good bit of doctor appts the past few weeks due to allergy issues and now for what seems like bites of some sort on two of her fingers. The doc put her on an ointment and it appears to be helping but it looks now as if something has irritated her ear lobe. Looks as if another doctor appt will be scheduled to see what is going on. We really need a miracle due to the financial strain of so many appointments and medicine.

L Baxley – Attends St George COG and is recovering from having out paitient surgery on yesterday.

Friend of E Flannery – E Flannery’s has a friend who’s Mom has double pnemonia, and a few other health issues and needs God to intervene.

A Archer – Last stages of Pregnancy. Should be having a baby within the next few weeks.

Financial Need – Spoke with an attendee of St George COG and they need a financial miracle in order to pay their light bill.

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