Get it Out

Today is the day, at 11:30 AM I will be getting all juiced up and knocked out to have these three teeth removed that have been giving me such a fit. Infection after infection something had to be done. So depending on how I feel this will probably be my last post for a couple of days but will fill you in on how everything went as soon as I can grab my bearings.

In the meantime, I do apologize for anything I may post on Twitter while under the influence of some wonderful drugs. Prescribed of course. However, with this whole five day ordeal of pain on top of pain made me think of something.

Infection although not seen can leave lasting effects on what you do.Infection has to be dealt with and the only way to get rid of it is at the source.

For me my tooth was the source, the cause of the infection. In order to get the infection from causing all types of pain and eventually death, the tooth had to go. Maybe in your life there are things that need to go. I know I have dealt with my fair share of infections both spiritually and physically. But when you get things out of your life that are the source, whether it be people, things, or thoughts, your pursuit soars to new heights.

An interesting fact that I read while sitting at the dentists office. Infection hurts the whole body, not just at the point of discomfort. Over time the infection weakens you, and the body is fighting to keep up.

What has set in on your life, have you tried to deal with it as long as you can, is it getting the best of you. Are you kept awake at night because the pain is too much. Don’t let infection keep you from your Pursuit!

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Toothache and Doctors Update

So I made it to my appointment and heard the expected. I have 3 teeth (molers) that need to be extracted and one other one that needs a root canal. That should be quite fun. My next step is to see an Oral Surgeon, which is set up for tomorrow, to schedule a time and price for the extractions then back to the dentist for the other work that needs to be done. Finally all ending up with a few implants once everything is healed. I didn’t think I would ever say that I am so excited to see the oral surgeon but if it means no throbbing then lets go for it. Thanks for the well wishes and concern I will keep you posted on the progress. By the way, I hate needles and pain so this will be intresting.

On the flip side I have a great dental hygenist and dentist, so far. I am going to post about their services and work in another post so be on the lookout for that, if you are looking for a dentist in the Beaufort Area. I highly reccomend em.

Thanks for reading – GT

Toothache and Dentists

I really hate calling work and telling them I won’t be in. This morning was one of those mornings. Prior to leaving for on Friday for our weekend trip, once again my teeth started to bother me. Trying to doctor it with pain meds and saltwater didn’t help. I have had a Dentist Appointment scheduled for a couple of weeks now and I am glad I did.

Yesterday working with a throbbing gum was unbearable so this morning when I woke up with the same excruciating pain I decided since i would have to get off early anyways for the appointment I would just rest. So hopefully by the end of the day I will have something in place to get some dental work done. Thank God for insurance, hopefully we can get this resolved.

If you have ever had dental issues you know the pain I am talking about. It is uncomfortable and at times can leave you feeling sick on your stomach. But anywho, at 1:50 I will be at the dentists office and hopefully feeling a little better. One highlight of the morning, I was able to be here when my son woke up. He came out his room and as soon as he saw me standing in the living room he ran up to me and gave me a huge hug. Two year olds are awesome, it really made me feel better knowing he got up in a good mood.

Thanks For Reading -gt

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Weekend Take Away

Friday we took off for my Wife’s family reunion and had a blast. From the time we left until the time we rolled back in our drive way we were non stop laughing. So I figured I would keep this post short and give you the top 5 laugh moments/sayings that my wife and I witnessed…..

  • My brother in Law Communicated with a frog -seriously he did. That was hilarious!!!
  • My two year old changed what he called Grama – it is now MommaLEE, he came up with it on his own and it stuck, i wonder where he got that from.
  • Don’t throw that marshmallow on the ground, you will attract bears! Don’t throw that banana peel in the woods, you will attract monkeys! – Yeah a cousin said this
  • I always wanted a Red Truck! – Statement from an Uncle who was watching another family member backing up their red truck. The uncle backing almost hit the motorcycle the uncle watching just parked.
  • What did you bring to wear at the family reunion mom? “MY HOT JEANS!” – yeah i thought the same thing, this a family reunion, not a dating connection….lol

Hope this post brought some smiles or laughter to your Monday. Maybe you feel like you wasted time by reading it and now you can’t get that time back….sorry about that, but maybe you needed it. Have a great week and thanks for reading.

Family and State Parks

Family Reunions, either you love em or hate em right? I am taking the day off work today and heading out of town until Sunday. My Wife and I have a family reunion to attend in upstate SC, Actually Oconee State Park, Outside of Clemson. As we made our track up there last year I quickly found out that Cell service is very limited, and don’t even think about getting an internet connection at the state park, That is not happening. So without the internet, and possibly no cell service we are looking forward to having a blast.

I always enjoy spending time with Chanelle’s family, there is definitely some good food and some great laughs. Look forward to letting you all in on the trip. Can’t wait to get up there, and If there happens to be cell service in the area you can read my twitter updates HERE.

What about your family gatherings? do you go out of obligation or do you enjoy hanging out and reuniting? Do you have any crazy or memorable family reunion stories? I would love to hear yours.

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Near Collision

I am going to keep this brief but had to post about a near collision. I was sitting at a traffic light (in my E350 work van), stopped, and briefly looked in my rearview. I noticed a semi coming up pretty quickly. Before I knew it he was was swerving to the left lane and my only reaction was to pull the steering wheel right and GUN IT.

He barely missed the back of my bumper and I would like to think that it was because I got out of the way quickly. Had I not seen him and stayed where I was at, even though he was pulling left, he would have clipped me.

I am not going to try and put some God moment revelation in here because truthfully what I screamed as I hit the gas some would see as ungodly…. I am just being real with you.

I am thankful though to God for the truckers quick reaction and my ability to get out of the way. That means I get to go home to my family tonight. God is Good!

Just remember don’t forget to look when your stopped, seeing what is going on behind you it could save a whole bunch of paperwork and hospital bills….

Stop Delegating, Start Investing

Do you sit in the lead role for your ministry or organization? How is that going? Do you feel like you are doing everything YOU can and nothing is happening?

If so, I can relate, after sitting on staff at a church in a lead youth pastor position, and now sitting in a volunteer role at a different Church, I have learned a few key things as to why we were STUCK even though I knew where God was wanting to take us. The problem wasn’t trying to get people involved, the problem was with me. I DID NOT to make sure that those giving their time to the youth ministry soared.

Here is quick nugget that I have learned due to the leadership that I have had the pleasure of being a volunteer with over the past two years.

STOP DELEGATING and START INVESTING. Find out what your volunteer staff enjoy, find out where they are gifted and then purposefully place them in areas that they can invest in others. It will allow you to have a healthier and a more vibrant ministry. You don’t have to be THE MAN, you have to LEAD. Allow your leaders to SOAR!!!

Mistakes that I made came from me NEEDING to be the man. God does not was us to be the MAN but instead wants us to follow Christ and lead others.

How is your leadership allowing others to soar. Do they feel they are a vital part or do they just SHOW UP? What lessons have you learned that you can pass along?

Volunteer Ministry

One of the perks of being a volunteer with the youth ministry at Tidal Creek is the way the lead youth pastor allows us as volunteers to soar. His leadershhip style is selfless. He doesn’t want the recognition but has invested in us as leaders so that great things can happen.

With that said, sometimes being a volunteer, especially with having a full time job, and a family, I feel like I don’t do enough. But, what Shane focuses on is getting us to serve in our strenghts, and encourages us to use the time we have in a manner that will reflect those strengths and lead students into a more devoted walk with Christ.

For instance, I received a message in my facebook inbox from one of the students that is a part of our weekly home groups and I wanted to share it with those of you in volunteer ministry. So here it goes:

…….”George, I just wanted to let you know you are doing a great job with the groups. I really appreciate what you are doing. I have been feeling God move within my life these past few weeks. I don’t want to say exactly what He is doing, because frankly, I really don’t know what, but I have a pretty good idea. And even if I did know, I am not ready to tell others just yet.

Well thanks for everything and have a good weekend.”

…….Wow, Just when I felt like the time I give isn’t enough God reminded me that as long as you are giving what you can in the area he has gifted you, that time is just enough for him to use you.

So here is a word of encouragement to you as a volunteer.

You CANT do everything and that is okay.

However; take the time you do have, find out what your gifted at and just SOAR. You are a more vital part of your team when you walk where you are gifted. And remember it only took three years for Jesus to leave a legacy that is still heard around the world today.

Thanks for reading and I hope this can motivate you in your pursuit.

70% of 20 Somethings

Heard an intresting and motivating statistic on my drive into work this morning. Air1 radio announced that a statistic was done among 20 somethings and 70 percent of them are open to the idea of church and that of that percentage they were even open to diving into Bible studies that could get them to explore there faith and develop a deeper walk with Christ.

What an awesome oppurtunity for the church to reach the lost. Since I fall into that twenty something catagory and realize that most twenty somethings don’t have a church background or have been connected loosely with church in the past, there desire is to find a meaningful relationship. As the church we hold the key to a meaningful life and relationships that can only be found through Christ.

The thing is, we have to find a way to reach that group. You can’t expect to reach us if you do church the way you have always done it before. The twenty somethings are looking for life, not another program, but something to belong to and invest in, that they in return can give back to. So how are you going to reach us.

Start praying, I believe that God is opening a door and is preparing hearts to hear the message of hope. Don’t pass up on this oppurtunity, Pastors and Church leaders I encourage you to begin to pray about creating an enviroment that can reach those twenty somethings that are searching.

I would love to hear some of your thoughts on how you are reaching twenty somethings in your area. Remember if you don’t do it we will look elsewhere. What a Challenge!!!

Go to and click on the link section to read more about the statistics.


One of the things that I love about our church is its focus on communion. Growing up in the church most of my life I have seen many different ways to the sacrament of communion, but with our move to Tidal Creek Fellowship it brought personal implication to my life. Each time as I go through the process of breaking off the bread, the individual holding the loaf says, “this is Christ’s body broken for you” I then take the part that I have broken off and dip it into the Juice that is in a cup held by another person and they say. “This is Christ blood, shed for you.”

I break the bread, and then dip it in the juice. I can’t explain what it does to me. I am thankful of the sacrifice that God has made and each time I take part in communion I am floored. I am glad that I am able to take part but WOW….his body broken, his blood shed, for me.

How does your church celebrate communion and what implications does it have in your life? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Remember as we celebrate Easter Sunday next weekend don’t forget to sit back and reflect on what Christ did for you.