Hello Again, My Old Friend

In 2009 I began this little “blog” at the recommendation of a friend to record some of my thoughts as it relates to my walk with Christ through words. Over time I managed to write, share, go silent…write, share, go silent…repeat.

Until recently, I hadn’t realized just how long since I’ve visited this space. After reading my about page, I have some housekeeping to do. At first I thought, “does anyone even blog anymore. Is this even still a thing.” I figured I would go through and see if some of those I followed in the past are still actively posting. Then, I quickly decided I would wait. Doing so might deter me from sticking around, should I find that their blog property has also seen neglect. Another thought crossed my mind, “would anyone even read what I have to write.” I decided to throw that thought out because dwelling on it too much might also deter me.

A lot has changed since my last post and the publication of my about page. In time, that will be updated and some thoughts will be recorded. The goal is still the same as when I began in 2009 (almost 13 years ago).

To motivate, mobilize, and mentor others to live life in a passionate pursuit of God.

As I close this post I am ending one season and entering another. For nearly 11 years I have had the opportunity to serve as a Pastor. I served the St George Church of God (2011-2013), North Aiken Church of God (2013-2018) and Summerville Church of God (2018-2021). On October 31 of this year, 2021, I stepped out of the pulpit of the Summerville Church of God no longer holding the title Pastor within a local congregation. This means a lot of changes for my family and I, for the time being, as I wait for what’s next. In waiting I am certain that God is working all things for His Glory and Our Good.

Hello, Again!


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