God Still Performs Miracles

I received a testimony tonight from a gentleman that attends St George COG. Some people ask if God still heals. I say, with a resounding…YES. This gentleman came up for prayer last Sunday Night. He had pulse issues and has not been able to get it under control for sometime. We anointed him with Oil and prayed together. I could feel a surge of power sweep through our prayer time. Tonight he testified that this past week his levels have been in the normal range. His Doctor said it sounded as if he had an irregular heartbeat and is finally straightening itself out on it’s own. We both agreed that the power of prayer works. God still hears and God still moves.


Prayer Request For 7 Week Old Savannah Walker

Just received a phone call from Sharon Walker who attends St George Church of God. She asked for prayer for her Grandaughter Savannah who is approx 7 weeks old. She had to go the doc yesterday and has to go back tomorrow.

Maybe you have a request you would like to share, you can do so HERE.

Prayer Request for Wednesday | July 27, 2011

If you are not aware, I work a full time job as well as serve as Lead Pastor. I have a break and wanted to pass along a few prayer requests that have been given in today.

My Wife, Chanelle – Doctor appointment.

My Daughter, Julianna – She has had a good bit of doctor appts the past few weeks due to allergy issues and now for what seems like bites of some sort on two of her fingers. The doc put her on an ointment and it appears to be helping but it looks now as if something has irritated her ear lobe. Looks as if another doctor appt will be scheduled to see what is going on. We really need a miracle due to the financial strain of so many appointments and medicine.

L Baxley – Attends St George COG and is recovering from having out paitient surgery on yesterday.

Friend of E Flannery – E Flannery’s has a friend who’s Mom has double pnemonia, and a few other health issues and needs God to intervene.

A Archer – Last stages of Pregnancy. Should be having a baby within the next few weeks.

Financial Need – Spoke with an attendee of St George COG and they need a financial miracle in order to pay their light bill.

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Rest Up Church Leaders for Tomorrow You Go into Battle

It’s Saturday Night. The Sunday Service weighs heavy on your mind. You must rest because tomorrow you will give all you have and then some to preach the word. The study you have put in, the few extra hours you will give in the morning to review and finish your sermon will prove to be light work compared to the task of presenting the message to those who have come to hear.

Yes the study was exhaustive, yes the final draft has been erased and restarted a few times but somehow the weight that you now have is beyond compare. You have to teach/preach this word with clarity to all who will be in attendance. You practice the movements, facial expressions, and pauses. On Saturday night you think, will the crowd be off, how will the music be, will I get to the pulpit with enough time to share this word before the thought of what’s for lunch captivates their attention. What if my alarm doesn’t go off and I run late.

Am I even worthy enough to carry this message that God has laid on my heart. Then you remember…

And He gave some Apostles, some Prophets, some Evangelists, some Pastors and Teachers to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ. -Ephesians 4:11,12

Your purpose is not to be the best dressed, best spoken, most articulate, motivational speaker out there. Your purpose is to equip the believers to go out with a deeper understanding and a divine call to reach the lost.

Rest Up Church Leader for Tomorrow You Go into Battle!

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Did Your Facebook Profile Get Hacked or Did It Reveal What You Were Trying to Look At

I have been forced to see and read stories within my newsfeed on facebook which was annoying and also flat out crude. Seeing posts by some of my close friends whom I know wouldn’t have ever posted stuff like that before kind of ticked me off. Then I see follow up posts saying…

“My facebook must have been hacked, I didn’t post that stuff on there, I don’t know how it go there. Just to be on the safeside I changed my password.”

That may not have been the exact phrase but it’s close.

So, here is what I wonder. Are the facebook profiles really being “hacked,” as in, someone manipulated the site and gained access to their info and authorized themselves to post on the fb profile or did the individual claiming to be hacked, click on a link in the newsfeed, which by doing so gave permission to said “hacker/site” to automatically post the trash to a profile. I ask because I am confused. Did courosity kill the cat, so to speak, and my friends click on a link that they shouldn’t have been looking at in the first place or are profiles really being hacked.

With that said, it is important not to click on any links that may look to be suspicious. If someone is posting a link and normally doesn’t, it may be best to stay away from it. Furthure more, I hope this isn’t the case but are some of my Christian brothers and sisters clicking on links they shouldn’t be trying to view anyways then getting caught by having the same link they were courious about posted to their profile. If these profiles are in fact being hacked then we must all beware.

Be careful when you are online.

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Practical Christian Living (James)

We started a journey last night during our weekly Bible Study at St George Church of God on the book of James. During the remaining 5 weeks of this Study we will be focusing on some practical ways we can respond to things that may come into our life. It was fun to introduce the study with a back ground look at the writer of James. Here are a few things I thought was interesting about the write of James. First it is agreed upon by bible scholars that the ½ brother of Jesus was the writer of James. Second, if you were to study at any length on the life of James you will find that it wasn’t until after Jesus’ resurrection that he fully believed Christ was the messiah. However after believing, James the ½ brother of Jesus came to be a prominent leader in the early Church. In Galatians 1 and 2 Paul made reference to James not only being the “Lords” brother but also making mention to him being a pillar of the early Christian Church. Let me encourage you for a moment, if James didn’t believe while growing up with Jesus, then later believed there is hope for you. No matter what stage in life you are at, no matter the time frame in which you came to believe in Christ as the Son of God, you can be used in a mighty way to make a difference in the lives of those around you. James did, Will You?

Next Thursday we will be discussing, “How Christian’s Deal with Suffering.” In order to be prepared for that lesson it is important to read James 1 each day. Each day list the central truth that stands out to you and how God is speaking to you through James’ writing. During the week begin to list ways in which you have had to deal with, or how you are suffering. Also, begin to think about and list ways in which your suffering has caused you to depend more on God.

10 Invitations a Week

I challenged the congregation this evening during our 6PM worship service to make it a point to invite 10 people this week to Church on Sunday. That would make it possible for 150 people to receive a personal invitation to Church this week. Who knows, just maybe 1 of those 10 would commit to attending. We would have an increase of 15 this coming Sunday. If 1/3 of that makes a decision to follow Christ, wow. After preaching the last three services on the nourishment doing God’s work brings, the potential harvest, and the rewards for laborer’s, I am excited about what could take place in the St George, SC community.


The past few months have proven to be extremely busy. Working a full-time job and also being a Pastor has been rewarding and challenging in a lot of ways. I have found myself at times asking and or wishing for more time. In asking, I have realized my issue isn’t needing more time, I have to become a better manager of the time I do have. After all it is all about being a better steward, right?