Speak Up

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy” | Proverbs 31:8-9

Who will speak up for those that can’t speak for themselves. Who will defend those that cannot defend themselves. We are called as Children of God to be the voice for those who have no voice. Be the provision for those who cannot provide for themselves. We are not to be silent but to Speak Up. There are a few practical examples where I believe each individual can make a huge impact and speak up. How about for those with special needs in the community. How about those mothers and children, even fathers, who are left hurt and alone after a brutal divorce. How about those that have lost their jobs. How about all those opportunities we have on a daily basis on our jobs and community to Speak Up.

In my own experience I have found that at times it can be easier to look the other way, BUT God has not called us to look the other way. We must speak up. If our actions speak louder than words our actions must do the talking. We must speak up with our hands and feet. Don’t choose to look the other way, SPEAK UP. Think about what way’s God may be asking you to speak up for those that you encounter on a daily basis. Next time you encounter the opportunity…Speak Up!


2 Things From Proverbs 30

Here are a few things that stood out to me in my readings in Proverbs 30.

| “Two things I ask of you, O Lord; do not refuse me before I die: Keep falsehood and lies far from me; give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread. Otherwise, I may have too much and disown you and say, “Who is the LORD? Or I may become poor and steal, and so dishonor the name of my God.” | Proverbs 30: 7-9 [NIV]

That my life would be…

1) Truthful

2) Dependant on God for our daily needs. **Francis Chan had an awesome interpretation of this scripture that is well worth watching, Click here to view I Dare You To Pray This

| “For as churning the milk produces butter, and as twisting the nose produces blood, so stirring up anger produces strife.” | Proverbs 30: 33 [NIV]

The more you entertain anger you change the original substance from just being angry to a more violent conflict. We must not entertain our anger but have to deal with it in a positive way in order to relieve the conflict. We must resolve to not allow it to escalate to a point of superiority, where we lord our position or point over another person but must consider others better than ourselves.

Sometimes I Act The Part Of A Fool

Sometimes I have the habit of acting the part of a fool and it’s not a good thing. This morning as I was reading Proverbs I was pricked just a bit. At times pressure gets to me and I can fly off the handle. For example, take the trip up to Sumter and an experience I had with a cup of coffee. Long story short, my wife brought me out a cup of coffee from the store, It wasn’t the right size. They failed to fix it the way I asked for it, and they put a frozen drink lid on the cup of to go coffee. I was hot, I get a little ticked when someone asks me what I want, I tell them, then they proceed to get it completely wrong. (BTW…I wasn’t angry at my wife, but the people fixing the drink who failed to fix it how she asked..) But, we all make mistakes don’t we… I REALLY need to remember this.

So, in the parking lot I expressed my dissatisfaction about the coffee in a rant in which one of the individuals that were with us asked the question… “do you think if there were non-Christians around, a positive example would have been set, and could it have opened up to conversation about Christ.” OUCH… Okay I was wrong, I eventually apologized to those that were around me when I blew up because of a wrong lid, and failed order….STUPID thing to get upset about in the first place. Luckily we were in the parking lot my little outburst was only around the people in my party and not directed at any of the staff to their face, but really does it matter who our outburst are around, if it’s your friends or strangers.

Don’t act the part of a fool. Thanks God for the reminder…

“A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control…” – Proverbs 29:11

Hanging With The Birthday Girl

Made it too Sumter and spending some time with the family before a busy day tomorrow for Riley’s Birthday Party. Was able to capture this shot of the birthday girl when we walked in the door at Shannon and Bobby’s. Super tired from work and then hitting the road to head up to Sumter. The bed is sounding super good at the moment.

“Make Everyday Count, And Every Moment Memorable.” – George Tallmage


Heading out this weekend to celebrate Riley’s 5th Birthday in Sumter. Can’t wait for a bit of a getaway…Then Monday the shop has the day off so it will be a day around the house. I can’t believe Riley is five already. Man how time flies. My little niece is growing up. Seems like yesterday we were at her first birthday party and I was able to be the first to witness her taking her first steps. Great times. One thing about it, we never grow younger…only older.

I am reminded…

“Cherish all the moments because soon, those moments will be only a memory.” – George Tallmage | May 28, 2010

Rambling Mind List

Feeling a bit overwhelmed…need a break of sort. To clear my mind, identify distractions, and get direction.

Really need to set up a schedule for reading, planning, devo’s.

My attitude has been off for the past few days. Short with co-workers, kiddo’s, and Chanelle. Everything gets on my nerves.

Need to put more work into our future goals, spend time dreaming and planning.

I don’t like my job, it is draining. Not hard work, and it is a great job. Time demands are low, and not really a stressful environment. The draining part isn’t the work or the place, it’s the fact its not my passion. Oh to be able to do what I love. That’s where the work needs to be put on the previous statement and the steps made, and connections strengthened to get to that place.

Pursue, Pursue, Pursue.

A League Of Your Own

A League Of Your Own is the statement one of the Judges said about Crystal Bowersox, one of the final two on this season of American Idol. I haven’t kept up with the competition this year with the exception of a few shows at the beginning and the final sing off between the last two contestants tonight. However, the first time I heard Crystal Bowersox sing in the start of the season I felt she would be the one to beat. She had determination, purpose, and she was herself. She didn’t change throughout. For so many in these types settings you end up seeing a different person in the end than who they were in the beginning. It’s almost like you see Minnie me’s of other artists or trends. A League of Your Own is what I feel should be the characteristic of a disciple of Christ. He is to be our example and our life is to be hid in Christ. We are not to conform to pattern of this world, but instead be transformed [Rom12.1-2]. I believe that transformation is a transformation to the image of Christ which will ultimately bring us into a League of our own… Not to get caught up in the trends or be like everyone else in the Christian community but instead, just be ourselves. Who God created us to be, in the image of His Son. There is nothing wrong with learning from others but we are not made to be them. Be different, be unique, let it be said of you, that you were in a League of Your Own.

Moments Create Movements

I am excited about speaking to the student leadership group for Ethos tonight at 6:30. They are otherwise known as the Core. They are a super sharp group of adult leaders who love investing in the lives of students as well as super sharp student leaders who are helping to shape the lives of their fellow students. I will be bringing my text out of Ephesians 5: 15-17Be very careful then how you live-not as unwise but as wise, making the most out of every opportunity, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is. I am titling it Moments Create Movements. Those ordinary moments in our lives have the opportunity to be the birthplace of a movement. Every opportunity could be the start of something big. I personally feel that the movement doesn’t create leaders…leaders are born when they take hold of an opportunity which leads to the start of a movement. Don’t mistake celebrities with leaders, leaders do not celebrate themselves but are servants who celebrate and pour in the lives of others. Moments Create Movements…

Video Shoot

I am doing a first this evening. I have been asked to be part of a short video shoot for a friend of mine, Shane, for their youth ministry, Ethos. It’s kind of an exciting thing to be able to tell my story and how through volunteering with them for close to two years helped me chase after what I felt God was leading me to as it relates to being a credentialed minister and pursuing full time ministry. Even though our journey has taken us away from the ministry there, they hold a huge spot in my heart. It’s cool to be able to “do” ministry with people from other churches and organizations. Personally I feel that is what kingdom work is all about, branching out. Needless to say, I am excited.

Monday Lag

Wow, i am wiped out today. But, its a good wiped. After speaking in both the 11am and 6pm service yesterday i am feeling the lag today. I am pretty sure that when I go into full time pastoral ministry Mondays will be my day away with my wife and kids to relax and recoup from the busy weekend of speaking and pouring out. As much as I would like to slow down and gel for a while today that is not possible due to job obligations, but it would be nice. By the way, there is no words to express how pumped I am even though I am worn out, about the connections and life change that was made yesterday in the lives of those that attended the services. I really cant wait to do this full time!