Fulfilling The Call

Tonight I had the privilage of speaking at my home Church. I love speaking to Churches, or to anyone that will listen for that matter. There is nothing more fulfilling than doing something you know you are called, and have a passion to do. For me that is full time vocational ministry. Even though I am not on staff anywhere yet, nothing gives me greater joy than prepping and presenting a message that sparks change/action into the hearers. In the morning I will get up and make my way to my full time job at the schools. Until the opportunity comes for full-time vocational ministry I will continue to work and walk through every door that God allows me the opportunity to speak.

What is your passion and how is God using that to help others?


Popularity or Presence

I love 2 Samuel 6.  It is so raw and intense.  It is about one mans journey to bring God’s presence back to a nation.  You see, the Ark of God was a symbol of protection, provision, and the very presence of God throughout  the Old Testament.  The Old Testament teaches that the Ark is the tangible essence of God.  If the Ark was there, God was there.  It was the tangible, raw, unmasked indwelling of God within the Camp.  David who had just been anointed as King over Israel set out to bring God’s presence to the nation.  Throughout this scripture I have a personal feeling that David wanted the presence because of its popularity.

The Presences’ popularity changed when Uzzah took hold of the Ark and was struck down when the oxen stumbled.  The popularity of the presence quickly faded.  David then began to question his ability to even have the tangible essence of God among them.  He doubted and asked the questions, “How can the Ark of the Lord come to me.”  The next part of that verse speaks volumes and verse 10 states, “He was NOT WILLING to take the Ark, and he sent it to the house of Obed-Edom.

When David was fixated on the popularity instead of the prescence it lead to destruction and doubt.  When he made up his mind and solely wanted the presence, regardless of the popularity, things changed.  The Ark was ushered in and the prescence was brought back to Jerusalem.

Don’t settle for Popularity over the Presence.

Interpreting the Bible

The following question was put out by someone I follow on Twitter, @jackalopekid. I figured that there could possibly be a lot of different viewpoints so I figured that I would open up the discussion on the following question here on my blog.

Do u believe people can interprete the Bible as they see it or is there a correct, exact way to interpret it? – via @jackalopekid

Remember that comments are posted at the discretion of the blog author and can be removed without warning or explanation if deemed inappropriate. So keep in mind, be respectful and post what may be useful in helping someone else in their Pursuit of Godly living. Also, try and state your response in the most simplistic terms in order for others to undertstand.

So, What do you think and how do you respond to the question?

Too Scared to Have Church

Wow, this winter storm has brewed some things up hasn’t it? With the weather reports in many areas, I have seen a number of friends and twitter peeps announcing that they are cancelling services. I know, I know, I have ticked someone off with my post title. But seriously, I know your not too scared to have church in this weather. Let’s be  honest, I think it shows that the leadership of a Church cares enough about their members/attenders and instead of  taking the risk of having people on the road, you instruct them stay home. In case you are not having services I wanted to give you a few ideas on how you can still connect with your weekly attenders even though you are not going to have a public worship service inside your facilities.

1. Blog a devotion – seriously, you’re the Pastor, use your blog to still get the word out. If you don’t have a BLOG you should. Go get a free account now.  Use your twitter or facebook account to get the word out to your church peeps to check out your blog at lets say, the time of your normally scheduled service. Then, when you post the blog, let them know via twitter, facebook, etc (also include the link to your post) and pursued them to leave a comment on what they have learned. Create Community even though you are not having a service.

2. Do a video devotional – If you don’t have a YouTube account go get one now. Shoot a devotional with your family, then upload it to YouTube and then embed it in a blog post and have it ready to go at the time of your normally scheduled worship time. Advertise it with the link to the post or advertise the direct link to YouTube and persuade them to leave a comment.

3. UStream or LiveStream a Live Devotional at the normally schedualed worship times. All you need is a webcam and an internet connection, give the direct link where your church peeps can tune in live directly at the Site.

What a great way to create community even though you are not having a public worship service at your normal venue. Seriously, don’t be too scared to have Church even though you aren’t able to physically meet. Use technology, create community when your away. Seriously, do Something.

What are your thoughts, is there anything else you would add? What are ways you are going to connect with your church attenders even though weather has not permitted you to meet?

Free To Choose

I found this quote pasted on an advertisment board inside one of the schools.  Remember your choices matter.

You Are Free to Choose, but the choices you make today will determine what you will have, be, and do in the tomorrow of your life.Zig Ziglar

What do you think about when you read this?  Are there any regrets you have about choices you made in the past?  What are you going to do differently in the future?

Performance Reviews, Who Needs Them Anyway

There’s always room for improvement. Performance reviews are a necessity in any organization. It gives the chance to talk over strengths and weaknesses and find ways to improve, not only for you personally but also for the organization you work for.

I received my annual performance review this morning from my employer. I can’t say that I am happy about some of the marks I received, but I also can’t complain because they were spot on. I took a copy of the review with me for my own records in order to develop a list of things to keep in mind on a daily basis in order to make sure I am working on the areas where I received the lowest marks and continue to excel in the areas where I received the highest marks.

Is there anything you would like to add in refrence to performance reviews? How have they helped you, and how do you implement them with your staff?

Poem For Haiti

I am definatly no poet but I jotted down a few thoughts that came to me in regards to the devastation in Haiti. Don’t think you are unable to do anything. Every little bit helps.

The sound of the earth ripping apart, leaves a horride description that will forever leave its mark.

As a country and lives were shatterd abroad, what will we do with the news we have heard. Will we remain in our comfort and turn a deaf ear, or rise to our feet and help bring relief. – George Tallmage Jan2010

In what ways have you been a part in bringing relief to Haiti.  What stories have captured you the most.

Reflections on MLK Day 2010

Today is a day of importance for all people. It is a day that we reflect and recognize the legacy and life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. What a legacy he left indeed. He challenged the status qou, lived as a visionary, and didn’t back down due to a firm faith and belief that His dream would be fulfilled.

As I reflect on His life and legacy I am reminded that your dreams are worth sharing. They can mean the difference for decades to come. MLK Jr died because he would not back down, he would not be silent. So that sparked my interest today as I reflected. Here’s what kept ringing through my mind.

A dream is not worth sharing if you are not willing to stand behind it in the face of adversity, fighting to see it come to fruition.

Are you willing to die for the cause.

What about you, what reflections did you have on MLK Day 2010? How has MLK Jr’s life and legacy spurred you to not waver in regards to your dreams.