Search Party

So why does it seem the most insignificant things tend to be the ones we seem we can’t live without?

The Problem: So Chanelle, Peyton, Tracy (Peytons G-Ma) went to taste of Beaufort on Saturday. We were getting ready to take off and I had Peyton up on my shoulders. After a little while I brought him down and was holding him and we noticed that of all things he dropped his pacifier.

Talk about panic…why was it panic? Well we only have two left and it seems the pacifiers we got him hooked on no one seems to have. Well we can find them in the same styles but not the same color and our little wonder will not take any other pacifier unless it is the exact style and color as the one he has (he gets the pickyness from his mother). So anyways we are stuck in a dilema, keep walking or go back. It didn’t take a deliberation on what to do. It was as if a diamond ring had been lost. All three of us took off backtracking the route and to our amazment we found it. That little adventure got me thinking.

Something so small and insignificant ran our life if but for a moment. The truth is he really doesn’t need the passy anymore. It isn’t like he really sucks the thing anyways. It is there out of mere habit. He is used to always having it, and trust me we know it if it isn’t there. In perspective that would probably been a conveniant time to start weaning it from him. I mean if it isn’t there and there is no way to get another one isn’t that good enough? Wouldn’t he understand?

How does this relate to my life – Think about it. Is there anything that you can live without but since it has been there for so long you have become accustom to having it. Is it there out of mere habit.

How does this relate to my relationship with God – Sometimes it is easier to keep on going after the same things that we know we should give up because we have always had it. Like the pacifier there are things that we really need to get rid of but as soon as we notice there not there anymore we frantically search to get them back. Instead of letting them lay and walking away from it we try to find some ways to get them back in our life. This is true with unhealthy relationship but I will leave that one for another date.

The Challenge – I am guilty of holding on to things when I should let them go. But my challenge is that we could really learn to let go and live. Let go of the habits, call the search party off. Live without the limits. Don’t let the small things turn you around, leave them behind, keep going forward.

I can’t remember the verse but it goes something like this…

“Lay aside the weight and sin that sets you back and run with endurance the race that is before you.”