Tomorrow is the big day. The new administration/company comes into the maintenance shop to implement there values and agenda to the rest of the crew. I have had many emotions and feelings going into this and still don’t feel the right move was made. Politics are politics right. A little over a year ago I was pumped about working for the Maintenance Team and there has not been many times where I did not want to be there. The guys I worked with was a well put together, team and worked together. I believe the administration was top notch.

This is the first night, that I have absolutely dreaded going in on the next day. I think it is more to do with knowing that my time that I put in so far won’t be honored, which means no raise this year. My insurance rates rose by close to 200 a month so there is another loss, and still yet unsure about how they will do things such as vacation, sick time, holidays etc. I am trying to put my best foot forward but it is hard with all the uncertainties.

Some of the positives that have come out of this whole experience is the fact I know what I don’t want to do. It has caused me to start looking at other options and not settle. So that is a plus. If there are a few things that I have taken out of this whole transition process they are;

  • It is never easy.
  • You are left vulnerable.
  • Sometimes you have to take a cut, in order to keep a job.
  • Nothing is sure.

I know that change is needed a lot of times and I hope that the decision, from the higher ups, proves to be the right one. Going into this I have stated that if I can’t stand behind it and support it than I won’t hinder it. That is what I am going to do, put my best foot forward and continue to make the schools a better place.

Nothing great lies inside of this post. Only words of wonder. Sometimes you have days that just suck and this is one of them. However, rest assured, God has everything worked out. Nothing slides by his attention unnoticed and He will use this time in my life and prove that no matter what, He is my source.


Weekend Take Away

What a weekend at the Tallmage House. We are in overdrive trying to get as much done as we can before Julianna Arrives. We were thinking that Chanelle’s due date to have the C-Section would be around August 11th however at her last appointment they were talking like a matter of four weeks due to some blood pressure issues. That sent us into panic mode because absolutly nothing was ready yet. However this weekend we put a big dent in it. Here is a little of what took place.

  • Headed to Savannah and attempted to pick out some shoes for Peyton, my little man is growing so fast. It seems we are buying shoes left and right….if you get it you can laugh now.
  • Found nothing in Savannah worthwhile, I would say it was a wasted trip but it really wasn’t. Had some great family time.
  • Peyton is doing great on his potty training. The whole time we were away from the house he would tell us when he had to go potty. That was cool, no accidents.
  • Cleaned out, Julianna’s room and had it painted. Yes it is pinks with a few brown polka dots to match her bedding. Pics will be up in another post later in the week.
  • Finally found new shoes, Chanelle took off to bluffton, this morning (Sunday) after Church and found him some while I prepped the room for our Uncle David to paint.
  • By the way David did a great job. If you need someone to do any painting for you he is the man to call. If you are in Beaufort, SC or the sorrounding areas just leave me a comment or with your email, and I will gladly get you in touch with him. Your comment will be moderated so I will make sure your email doesn’t actually get on the comment board for others to see.
  • Had homecoming at Church today which meant, guest preacher, special singers, and food. Preaching was great, Singing was good, Food was awesome.
  • Getting pumped about the future that God has for us in ministry. With each day an eagerness rises to just go.
  • Looking to post a little more than normal with the blog this week, have a few things running around in my head that I would like to put out there.

Thanks for reading and hopefully you had a great weekend. Anything thing exciting or was it the same ole, same ole? Either way I would love to hear about it. Just leave a comment below and until the next post, keep looking up so you are not looking at yourself. Take Care.


The Tallmage house is getting ready to head to Homecoming. You might ask yourself what in the heck is homecoming. Homecoming is an event that we have each year at our Church, normally consisting of bringing in a singing group and a special speaker, normally it is a former Pastor. I am not sure how homecoming originated but it is followed up by a meal afterwords in the fellowship hall.

I have mixed feelings about some traditional aspects of the Church. I believe that we can get so caught up in tradition that take our eyes off of the main vision of the Church and just do things because we have always done them that way. I ask myself the question at times, are certain things still relevant, am I giving something for the lost to come to or am I doing it simply because that is how it’s always been done.

I am all up for tradition and honoring tradition within the Church. But here is my thought, “what are we doing to be relevant to our community, while meeting them with the Gospel within our Church (as a whole, not just the church I attend)?”

In no way am I bashing our local church or coming down on anything we do or events we hold. I love the people there and the leadership, I am just trying to see where I fit in traditionally with the Church. I am not saying that Homecoming is not effective because I really like it especially the food part. Those Church Ladies can cook now. I am just wandering is there a way that we can make the tradition of Homecoming relevant to bring in people from the community while at the same time keeping the traditional aspect? Thanks BCOG for what you are doing to further the gospel in the community. And we can’t wait to join you this morning.

By the way, if you are in the Beaufort Area, give us a visit. We would love to have you at one of our services.

I am curious, what are some traditions you can bank on your Church doing? Are they effective, and do they compliment the vision and mission of the Local Church? Do you do the things you do in order to not upset TRADITION even if that means it is not effective?

I would love to hear some of your feedback, just leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

Weekend Take Away

What a great end to an Awesome Fathers Day. This weekend was spent pretty much all about family. So just in case you were wandering here is a little bit of what took place around the Tallmage house.

  • Cleaned up the garage. I mean pretty much a complete overhaul. Hauled off a good amount of stuff to the dump. You could hardly get around in there. Why does it seem most of the junk is piled up at the door. Not anymore. Now I have room to store the items from the guest bedroom so that we can get that in order for Julianna.
  • Went over to a birthday party. My childhood friends child turned three. Had a blast. They have a great family and the good thing is that we didn’t have to go far, they live next door.
  • Had a quiet Saturday evening at the house recovering from cleaing out the garage. Spent a lot of time with Peyton outside. He helped with my endevors on being the Ultimate Garage Cleaner.
  • Church was good. Finished up the Godly Family Series with the Pastor speaking on a Godly Father. Good stuff.
  • Chanelle (my wife) had a great idea for Fathers Day Dinner which we just finished at the time of this posting. She bought everything we needed to make homemade pizza. So as a family we put everything together then enjoyed a great meal.
  • Overall it was a great weekend. I spent a lot of time with my family, and really feel rested and rejuvenated for the work week.

How was your weekend? Did you have a great Fathers Day, what was the highlight of it? Hopefully you have taken away a lot this weekend to further your pursuit of you family and God. Have a Great Week!!!

Who's Will Is It

Right in the middle of our Pursuit we can feel like we don’t add up or what we do isn’t good enough. I am currently at a transition in my life. Right now I am not sure of my job, I am begining a process to become an “OFFICIAL” licensed minister, needless to say there are a lot of thoughts and uncertainties. If you are at a place of uncertainties maybe this can come as a help to you.

1 John 2:17 – The world and it’s desires pass away, but the man who does the will of God lives forever.

A sure fire way to find out if something is God’s will or not is to see if it will pass. When God truly calls you to something he will keep a passion ablaze in your heart for it. If it is God’s desire it will not pass, and you will not feel at total peace until you are moving in that direction.

Weekend Take Away

Well the Tallmage house was rather relaxed this weekend to say the least. Not much was done but had a great time just hanging out. Some of the highlights include. -taking Friday off work and hitting up Rose Hill Golf Course in Bluffton SC with three other pretty rad guys. Had a blast, didn’t shoot as well as I hoped but it was a great day off. – Chanelle went to eat with a co-worker so Peyton and I had the evening to just hang out. We found a set of golf clubs that I am going to pick up for him today. He is getting too big too fast. – Took the jeep into the shop for a little issue that took up a few hours on Saturday Morning. I was able to get the yard done as well so now my yard isn’t the ugliest on the block. I am running a close seconf though. – spent the rest of the afternoon Saturday just relaxing with the family and headed to the inlaws for dinner. Great time with them. – Made our way to Church on Sunday Morning and took a couple of hours in the afternoon gettibg ready to speak to the Student Ministry on Sunday Night. A last minute fill in.

How was your weekend? Any highlight, or great oppurtubities you would like to share?

Happy Anniversary Sis

Today is my sister and brother in laws 5th anniverary. This a milestone and I am stoked to have a brother in law that is a great husband and a awesome father. My sister is a great wife and a excellant mother. Their relationship before others shows the example of Love, Endurance, and Selflesness.

Over the past five years what I have seen displayed from them has been great devotion to each other. A commitment to family, and a great example of solid parenting. They have two girls Riley who is 4 and Emilynn who is the newest addition brought into this world in May.

They work hard, love each other, and have set up a nice place for them to live. I wanted to set aside this post to say how proud of them I am and keep on Loving and Living for your family.

Keep Love as your first priority. You guys are the best I Love You guys and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Pastor Where You are Planted

Maybe you are like me and called to ministry but don’t know where to start. A question that I hear a lot around twitter ( and other places is, “If you did not get paid for what you do, would you still do it.”

As someone who gets paid to do what we do, it is easy to answer the question with hardly any evaluation of the question with a great big YES. We may be sincere in the answer and truly believe that but we really never know until we are faced with the dilema.

As I am waiting on God to reveal my next steps as it relates to full time ministry here are a couple of thoughts and actions that I have started apply to my life.

1) I must be proactive, God doesn’t want me to just sit around waiting for a full time position to open up. How can I walk in the calling now where I am.

2). How can I be a Pastor to my family, friends, and co-workers to around me. …..This one hit me hard, we have a number of people around us on a daily basis as full time employees. Even though some may go to church etc. What am I doing to show them I care…with nothing in return. Those around us expect their pastor to care, because that is there job right…how much more value would be added to your ministry if you cared for the people you don’t necesarrily get paid to care for.

3). There are about three people at my job of around 40 something people that I have on my heart everyday. I am searching for ways that I can pastor them on the job. What is going on in their life how can I come beside them. While I pray for all my coworkers there are at this time three that I really want to invest in.

4). Being a Pastor isn’t necesarrily preaching it is prescence. I go to church and develop community with other belevers because it is I think essential to the Christian faith. While I get a lot out of the preaching/teaching the most growth that I get is when I spend time (prescence) with the pastor/leaders. Anyone can be preached at, everyone needs prescence.

5) Do I want to be in ministry because it is my call or my career. There are people that make a great living at what they do because it is their career. They can be unhappy and wish for something else but stay where they are because of the time they have invested there. If full time ministry is your call you won’t just sit around waiting for an oppurtunity but you will be proactive in, leading, training, and building relationships with those who God placed in Your life right now.

My encouragement to you as an individual waiting on God to open up a door of full time ministry, don’t forget to walk through the door he has you at now. I am there, the same as you hopeful of a future oppurtunity in full time ministry. However; I want others to see me as a Pastor now, that way it is no surprise when I say I am leaving to go full time.

Do you have a ministry mindset for where you are now? What if God said he was allowing the company that you are getting a paycheck from to pay you so that you could reach those people now?

May those of us who are waiting, Pastor where we are Planted.

My God Moment

The sky didn’t open and I didn’t see a flaming sword in the sky that spelt it clearly on the horizon but I had a God moment.

I took trip down to the local coffee shop. Which if you are in Bft SC you need to go check out Common Ground. It is our very own locally owned and operated top notch relaxation spot for coffee and conversation.

While there a group of late high school early college age students came in and while overhearing their conversation I found out they were here over the summer, part of an in state mission trip to help out, and put on Bible Camps for local churches. I saw their heartbeat for ministry, decided to give up a book that I had in my backpack “Do Hard Things” by Alex and Brett Harris. After talking a bit more and wishing them well, I took off and headed back to the house and that is when I felt God really tugging on my heart to do something, that honestly, I don’t know if I am ready for.

For now it is a task that has been filling my mind most of the day and have even began praying as if it were already in place. Talked with Chanelle (my wife) briefly about it and we are begining to pray that if this is truly Gods will then prepare us and not let it leave our thoughts, but keep it at the forfront of our minds and hearts.

I am FREAKING OUT like you wouldn’t believe because I know I don’t have the resources or even the know how to get it done and to walk towards it. It is much bigger than who I am and honestly without God it would fail. I am nervous at the even mention of it but excited. When IT happens it will definatly be a God thing and it will change lives big time.

So for now I will relish in my God moment knowing he spoke to my heart and keep praying over it. If it is truly his will he will connect the pieces together.

If it is about me I don’t want it. It if is about HIM I want to be right in the middle of it.
I don’t have the knowledge, layout, or resources to do anything at this point so please keep me in prayer. There are some things that I must take care of personally in order to begin stepping in that direction and those steps are in the begining stages hopefully to be completed shortly.

All I have at this point is a moment and a dream but that moment and dream has totally rocked my world.

How have you been able to work through fears and began to move in the area that you felt God was calling you?

What advice could you give to help me and others to seize those God moments?

Thanks for your input look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Weekend Take Away

Had a very quiet weekend at the Tallmage House. I was able to get out for a couple of hours on Saturday Morning and do some reading/posting at the coffee shop. Had an awesome lunch at Friendly’s with Chanelle and Peyton. They also had free Ice Cream, SCORE!!! Rested for a bit Saturday afternoon then went and saw Willy Wonka at USCB Performing Arts Center. A student from the youth ministry we volunteered with this past school year had a part in it and absolutly ROCKED IT OUT!!! Great Job again Ryan. Connected with some pretty cool peeps on Twitter. Will give a proper shout out later in the week but for now they seem pretty RAD.

Had a great service Sunday AM. The Church honored this years Graduates. It is hard to believe that I was youth pastor to them a little over four years ago. Man how time flies. Now they are off to College. Congrats Steven, Sam, and Amanda you guys ROCK!!! PS spoke on Disciplining Children.