Tuesday’s Prayer Meeting Recap

Do churches do that anymore?

Last night we had a time of prayer at St George Church of God in which 14 people showed up for (5 were children under 10), not counting those who set that time aside at their home. We are going to embark on a venture to block out the noise around us and pray. As it relates to the Great Commission, prayer must be a high priority. It will help us map out the course in order to fulfill the unique purpose God has called us to do.

I have a motto about prayer, “If prayer got us here, it’s going to take prayer to get us there.” I believe last night was a landmark event in what God is beginning to do through the local church to reach the St George, South Carolina Community.

If you read through the Old Testament you will find people like Abraham who often went back to the places where he previously established altars in remembrance of when something significant happened in his life. Abraham led by example and we are to follow. We must build altars which remind us where God brought us from and serve as encouragement for where God can take us to. Some say you can never go forward if you go back. It is wise to go back to those places where God did something extraordinary in order to keep going forward.

When is the last time you’ve went back? Is there a time where God worked in your life and you vowed never to forget it? That vow is a spritual altar, when is the last time you reflected on it? If prayer is going to be the driving force in the Church and in our personal lives, we must turn the ignition and start it up.

Developing a healthy prayer life starts with praying. Make time to pray a little and you will find yourself praying often


Yesterday was a great first as a Pastor. We were blessed to host Richard and Elizabeth Murphy, Missionaries to Ecuador. The Murphy’s are definitely no strangers to St George Church of God, St George SC. The church has been supporting their ministry long before I settled in as Pastor in March. However, this was my first time getting to meet them personally. They not only poured into my life but also the Church. They love people and it shows through preaching, interaction with the congregation, and genuine care. The Murphy’s are doing a great work and I would recommend if you are looking for a ministry to support consider donating to their work by clicking HERE. I am proud to say that we are having an impact in Ecuador by supporting the ministry of Richard and Elizabeth Murphy


Spiritual Transformation: Begin Today

Histroically, the Church has sporadically surged and declined as a result of disobedience, and the evangelical church has largely remained disobedient to the Great Commission. The refusual to consistently make disciples causes decline that leaves the church more defeated than before, and the world does not become evagelized. -Bill Hull | Quoted by Johnny H. Moore, pg 477 in The Great Commission Connection

God can use you today to help someone take their next step towards spiritual transformation.

Another Will Make us a Family of Five

The past 6 months couldn’t have been busier and it is not letting up anytime soon. In the past 6 months we have accepted a Lead Pastor position, finished the Ministerial Internship Program, moved, and found out we are expecting another baby. Come February 29, 2012 we will go from a family of four to a family of five with all three kiddo’s under 5. That is on top of being a bi-vocational Pastor who works full-time about an hour and fifteen minutes away from home.

We had our first ultrasound today and both kiddo’s were with us and did awesome. My son asked when we drove up to the doctor’s office if we were there to pick up the new baby. We had to explain that the baby had to grow some more and were were there to check on the progress. They were excited about seeing the baby on the monitor. It was awesome to experience that as a family. Our daughter just turned two yesterday and our son will turn 5 a few weeks before Baby Tallmage is born.