My Heart Goes Out to a Family In Our Community

My thoughts this morning have been on a family in our community who suffered a devastating loss on Tuesday. In short, a three year old child was hit while leaving our local hospital and later died. No doubt everyone involved needs prayers of comfort. While I don’t know this family personally reading about this has caused me to spend some time asking God to send people their way who can minister to their needs. You can read about this devastating loss in our local paper by clicking here.

Why am I blogging about this?

Sometimes things happen suddenly that turn our world upside down. In those moments we search for answers only to find their are none which can take away the pain. In short everyone is affected. A family has to cope with the loss of a child. An individual has to cope with the knowledge that one couples loss was at their hands. No one wins everyone looses.

So how are we to respond in moments like this?

Comfort. Don’t try and give explanations or fixes. Comfort one another. Comfort goes along way.

Be present. Even if you don’t say a word your presence speaks volumes.

Pray. Sometimes the greatest thing we can do is pray. As Christians we are to pray for one another.