Weekend Take Away

A Few thoughts on the weekend from around the Tallmage house.
:: Had a get together for a few of the young adult couples from our Church. Its always cool to connect with other people our age.
:: Gamecocks won, which makes us bowl elegible. Now if we could get a couple more wins it would be great. We have a tough road till the end of the season.
:: Great Worship service at Beaufort Church of God. Looking forward to next weekend, We will be having baptism for those that are intrested.
:: Enjoyed some great family time with Chanelle and the kiddo’s downtown for an hour or so.

Like I said, not a whole lot went on but it was very relaxing. As I get ready to start another week I am amazed at the opportunity before me.


Post Surgery Thoughts

Peyton (my Son) will be three this coming January.  Since his birth we have had to take him in for three surgery’s. Two of them them was for ear tubes due to ear infections and the latest was for a slight hernia.  At the time of this writing we are sitting back at our house after making the one and a half hour drive to MUSC for Peyton’s surgery and then back.  Thankfully it was an outpaitiant procedure and was able to make the one and a half hour drive back home so that he could be in his own surroundings.  Other than some discomfort he seems to be doing well.  He is a trooper and has handled each surgery quite well.  I can’t say enough good things about the staff and care of the doctors at MUSC today who were with Peyton from the moment we arrived until they walked us out the doors.  Here is a quick video that I caught on my blackberry right after the staff gave him some meds to help him relax. Enjoy.

7 Years Today

October 22, 2002 is when Chanelle, who is now my wife, and I “Officially” became an item.  We dated for about 4 months before it became official and boy does time fly.  7 Years with 5 of that being  married, 3 kids, one (Gabriel) which is in heaven, and raising 2 (Peyton and Julianna) I couldn’t be more in love.  She is the best and I thank God everyday that he grants me to spend with Her.  So far through this journey we have learned a lot about each other.  However the biggest thing that I have learned is that I don’t want to spend one day without her by my side.  I Love You Chanelle.

Do Over

At times I have wanted a Do Over. You know, get that moment back and make a different choice.  I thought I would ask my twitter follwers and facebook peeps to answer this simple question,

“If I could have a Do Over I would_________!”

Here are some of the responses I received from facebook, twitter, and even a few texts.
:: I would plan better financially at an earlier age
:: I learned that alcohol should not be used as an excuse for wrong-doings, partied less in college, not have dropped    my cell phone in the toilet, been wiser with my money in my younger days and not have gotten a credit card in high school, focused more on family, friends, church and dance when I was in high school and not on boys,kept in touch better with old friends, there are more but I just realized that if these things would have been different and things played differently in my life, I would not be where I am at right now and I love this place in my life. Things happen fora reason and with thought, I would not change anything…
:: I would do everything the same. Maybe everything wasn’t perfect, but any mistakes I made have given me strength and the knowledge that I can do anything.  Plus, if I changed anything I might not have met my spouse or had our child.
:: I would have went to college after graduating high school, and became a rn. i love my job, it is so rewarding.
:: I would take back actions before marriage that I feel has ultimately affected mine and my spouses sex life now.
:: I would do over my teenage years. I made some wrong decisions and treated some people wrongly back then, including myself. I did not have Christ in my life at that time. I have learned a lot in the last 6 years and I know I have been forgiven for my sins.  I know now looking back I was a child making adult decisions.

So what about you, is there anything you would like to Do Over, join in on the conversation by leaving a comment below. Thanks for your input.

Friday Night Lights

A Couple of weeks ago I took my Son (Peyton) to his first football game. In spite of him being 2 1/2 I figured we would try it out. If He didn’t like it, well, we could leave. It was just the opposite. He loved it. He would sit on the bleachers yelling, “GO GET EM.” We had an absolute blast. It was some great father son time. Can’t wait to go to our next football game and in a couple of years we will step it up from High School games to College or Pro. I thought I would share a few photo’s with you that I took that night from my blackberry. So here you go enjoy. Peyton’s First Football Game (click link to view photos)

Let it Go

I have often asked God to take away things in my life that may not be of Him. I was sparked with this thought and posted it on my Twitter page the other day.

“…Are you asking God to take away what He is asking you to put down.”

Just maybe God is waiting for us to make a step.

What are your thoughts? Is there anything He is asking you to put down so He can take it away? Share your input, by leaving a comment.

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In great times they are always there and it makes the moment even better. In rough times, in the silence, you know how much they care.
My wife and I have been blessed to have some great friends along our journey. I wanted to set aside this post to say thanks. Even though you were never asked, you saw a need and helped out in a big way, asking for nothing in return. You are what makes the mark of a true friend.
Have you ever been blessed by a great friendship? How has it changed your life?
I would love to hear your story, just leave a comment.

Happy BDay Sis

I won't go into age or anything but I will say she is a little older than me and starting her next 30….Oops

She's a great Sister even though she kicked me in the gut with steel toe shoes when we were younger…

…Now that I have caught my breath why don't you post a comment and help me wish Her a Happy Birthday.


This one word has held so many back from accomplishing so much. Webster defines it as insufficient, not capable.

When I think of family, so many Fathers and Mothers feel incapable to be great parents due to their own upbringing. There are many women that struggle with the capability to love due to abuse and heartache they have had. Many in leadership positions feel incapable of their God given call due to failure, not enough schooling, talent etc.

Parents on your own you can't give the proper love and leadership your family deserves by always looking back and making decisions based solely on what you didn't have. Women on your own you can never feel trusting of anothers love when you keep looking back at the hurt and pain of a false Love. Leader you can never lead well when you allow accomplishments, or lack their of, to be the sole determination in your direction.

The truth is we are all inadequate of doing great things on our own. Remember don't allow the past hurt, pain, loss, and failure to determine where God wants to take you and what He wants you to become.

Maybe you have some advice or can contribute on dealing with inadequacy. I would love to hear your story.

Join in the conversation by leaving a comment.