I am One Proud Pastor

The closer Christmas Eve gets the more excited I am. On Christmas Eve at 5:30 we will be having our first Christmas Eve service at St George Church of God. Not only am I excited about the service but we are making a difference this weekend in the lives of people throughout our community.

We’ve seen the church step up and follow after God and we are going to be delivering Christmas Eve Meals to 6 families. Another individual stepped up and followed after God and are making sure that a family gets Christmas by delivering gifts to them. We are also flooding the local nursing home with cards for each patient and worker. That’s right over 200 cards were hand filled out this week and will be delivered the day before Christmas Eve. We have made an attempt to hand deliver 500 postcards to the community over the past two weeks to invite them to our Christmas Eve celebration. We only have about 10 left over.

Some very dedicated people have been working like crazy to make sure that our community knows that we are a Church for people looking for life and significance this Christmas. We are committed to making sure we saturate our community with the love and hope of Jesus Christ.

This makes me one proud Pastor.

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