Qualities of a Leader from the Life and Ministry of Paul

In doing some prep work for my next MIP lesson for this week on 1 Thessalonians I came across and excerpt that is really worth sharing to those in ministry positions. Below is the paragraph straight out of my textbook A Journey Through the New Testament, edited by Homer G. Rhea.

1 Thessalonians 2: 8-12 gives insight into Paul and what it means to be leaders, pastors, and teachers in the church. Paul’s message was the gospel. His motive was to please God, not men. The manner in which he ministered was gentle – he was like a caring mother. Ministers are to be generous, share their lives with their people, provide guidance, like a father who encourages and comforts. Thus, the qualities of a leader like Paul are gentleness, generosity, and a spiritual guide.Pg. 340: A Journey through the New Testament, Lesson 26 – 1 Thessalonians, By David C. Cooper, D.Min.

I can’t really add anything to that, Be challenged as you read over it again and let it sink in.