30 Days of Thanks :: Childhood Memories

I am thankful for childhood memories. The other day I found myself looking back on summers spent with my Father in Virginia. We loved camping out. We would take off to a campsite or state park and hang out for day’s at a time roughing it in the woods. We are talking about tents, hammocks, packs, etc. The only thing we had was on our backs. Man it was great. However, that was long ago but the memories are still fresh in my mind of trekking along the Appalachian Trail for a couple of days here and there.

Now that you’ve read something I’m thankful for, it’s your turn…What are you thankful for? Ready, Set, Go!



I feel pretty sure I am…a procrastinator! I have heard some describe being a procrastinator as a good thing and others as well, not good at all. We procrastinator’s say things like, “I work better under pressure…that’s why I wait to get started/finish a project” or “it’s at the last minute that I get my best revelation/action plan for getting something done.” Whatever the excuse we procrastinator’s know that we were called to be quick thinkers/late night work doers. What made me post about procrastinator’s? It’s simple, I have some books out that I need to be studying and lessons that need to be finished. Chanelle took the kiddo’s out for a bit so I could work with a little bit of quietness around the house. I shut the TV off and turned on some music (His Radio 91.9 in case you were wondering) and planned that 6-9 would be my study time. Chanelle and the kiddo’s have been gone for about 30mins and as of right now I should have started with my lesson 13 minutes ago and well, here I am writing a blog post about procrastination J

BTW – Getting started on that book work now…

30 Days of Thanks :: Training

I am thankful for training. Until May 2011 I am involved in a Ministerial Internship Program within our Denomination. The training is good but it is exhausting. Currently I have a couple of hours worth of book work on Monday’s, Tuesday’s, Thursday’s, and Friday’s/Saturday’s. Also included is Monthly Seminars near Greenville, SC once a month on Friday Evenings and all day Saturday with tests. I also have to include that with having a full-time job (40 hrs/week), and a family (wife and two kids), the training is exhausting but needed and worthwhile. While there is a lot on the plate I am still thankful for training because it prepares you for the journey.

Now that you’ve read something I am thankful for it’s your turn…What are you thankful for? Ready, Set, Go!

30 Days of Thanks :: Sitting Around

I am thankful to be able to just sit around with nothing else on the agenda. Pretty much like I am going to do this evening. Chanelle and I picked up a few movies and are going to enjoy a quiet evening at the house. Peyton is in Sumter till tomorrow so it is just Julianna, Chanelle, and I. The movie for this evening is Letters to Juliet.

Now that you’ve read something I am thankful for, it’s your turn…What are you thankful for? Ready, Set, Go!

Famous Last Words

Until May I will be at Central Church, located on Hilton Head Island South Carolina, completing my Internship for MIP.  Pastor Carr just finished a series called Famous Last Words and WOW…it was great.  I was only able to catch the last two messages in the series in person but was able to go back and listen to the rest of them online.  This is a must listen to series.  Whatever you are doing I would suggest going to Central Church’s website HERE and either listening online or downloading the audio for future refrence.   I can’t express how honored I am to be able to be a part of this community over the next few months.  If your in the Hilton Head or Bluffton Area and are looking for a place to call home with people to call family, you really need to get to Central Church.  Seriously, your invited and will leave knowing your cared for.


I was introduced to a pretty neat website and wanted to share it. It is called Wordle. To try it out I used Chanelle’s blog address and according to Wordle the picture below shows the most used words throughout her blog. You can copy and paste text or enter a web address in order to generate the picture. Give it a try in your spare time.

30 Days of Thanks :: Trials

It’s not that I wake up in the morning and think to myself…

“Wow, today I would love a new trial” or “It’s been a while since I have had a trial, maybe today is my lucky day.”

Trials are hard, burdensome, and they really take a lot out of a person. However, here lately the more I read God’s Word I find that trials help strengthen a believers life and can be used to direct ones attention and trust in the one who can bring them out of the trial. I think it only appropriate to say, “I am truly thankful for the trials I have went through in life.” They have helped strengthen my faith in a God that loves and cares for His creation. My trials have helped me commit my way to His desire for my life. Have I screwed up from time to time…YES! Have I given in under the weight of some of my trials…YES! One of the main reasons I have is due to the fact I have taken my eyes off God and put the focus on my trials. Out of all of the mistakes and sin, I have come to know God’s forgiveness more and more. It’s not that I want to fall under the weight of the trials because I don’t. I want to strive everyday to live a consecrated holy life for God and His purposes. However, my victories and failures while going through my trials have become a testimony to the goodness, faithfulness, and grace of God. I encourage you, rejoice in your trials and be thankful for them. Read James 1

Now that you’ve read something I am thankful for, it’s your turn. What are you thankful for? Ready, Set, Go!

30 Days of Thanks :: Work

I am thankful for work, my job, etc is kind of a cliché thing to be thankful for right? I mean especially in this economy when so many are looking for jobs. If I can be honest, I really don’t like the company I work for but that doesn’t stop me from being thankful everyday for the crew I get to work with. Some people get up every morning and would rather work for another company and be part of another team. Even though I don’t like the company I work for my distaste for them is counter balanced by getting to work alongside some of the best co-workers an individual could have. Seriously! If I may describe the team a little bit.

“We are a ragtag group of individuals who come from very…very different backgrounds with a wealth of issues, mainly mental, j/k. Well, mostly!”

In our crew there is a wealth of knowledge, a team focus, and a real genuine care about making sure the job is completed and done right, no matter what it takes. We work hard and laugh a lot. There isn’t a day that goes by where at some point, whether it be 7:00AM at the start of the work day or 3:30PM when we are leaving the shop, that our sides aren’t hurting due to the laughter from something that is said or done by one of our other comrades. I really believe we are the face of what a team looks like and should be.

Now that you’ve read something I am thankful for, it’s your turn…Ready, Set, Go!

What are you thankful for?

30 Days of Thanks :: Marriage

I Just spent the past few hours preparing the rough draft of a Wedding Ceremony I will be officiating in December. While reading through and prepping I drew illustrations and examples from many places and my mind kept going back to my own wedding ceremony in 2005. March 26, 2005 Chanelle and I had a simple ceremony in the living room of my Grandparents house dressed in blue jeans and t-shirts. Then three months later we had the ceremony for family and friends on June 25. I couldn’t help but think how thankful I am of Marriage. Not just marriage, but my marriage to Chanelle. The past five years have not been an easy road but we have made some awesome memories along the way. I don’t know what the next 5 or fifty years might bring but I am sure we will make some memories on the way. I am thankful that God instituted marriage in general but more specific I feel extremely blessed that he had Chanelle for me to share the rest of my life with.

In today’s society marriage is seen as nothing more than a returnable item. Marriages are being attacked in every way. Society focus more on what a marriage can give an individual rather than what the individual can give inside the marriage. A lasting marriage is not the norm in a lot of cases. Even among Christians and that is a shame. Marriage is more than a contract but a commitment and I am extremely thankful that I am on a journey with a wonderful wife. A journey that isn’t filled with smooth roads and clean pit stops. Sometimes this road is messy. Sometimes we find ourselves off of the route and have to ask for directions by other people who are farther along in the journey than we are. If there is any advice that I can give a couple on their wedding day it would be this…

“You have spent a lot of time and energy preparing for the ceremony that ends in a matter of minutes. When the ceremony is over your marriage begins. Have the same zeal and determination to make your marriage work as you did to make the ceremony happen.” – George Tallmage, Nov2010

Needless to say I am thankful for being able to share my life with the woman who has my heart, Chanelle!

Now that you’ve read something I am thankful for, it’s your turn…

What are you thankful for? Ready, Set, Go!