Who Should I Be Learing From

Needless to say, 2011 is in full swing. Think about it, in a few short days we will be in February. I don’t do a whole lot of new year resolutions on January 1. I normally wait to set out my goals/expectations around my birthday…which by the way if you were wondering is February 1. As I get closer to my 29th, my mind is more and more on what I want to accomplish, set into motion, and strive for as my last year in the twenties creeps up on me. The thought just occurred to me, next year this time I will be about to start a brand new decade. One of my goals is to find other people to learn from. Without having the ability to head out and meet everyone one by one for a cup of coffee, technology has given us the next best thing. Blogs and Podcasts! Would you mind letting me in on who I should be learning from? I am wanting to grow as a Husband, Father, Minister, and want to get into a healthy eating/exercise routine. You can check out who I am currently learning from by scrolling over the I Recommend tab at the top of the page.

Who do you recommend I subscribe to via blog/podcast (include link)? Why do you recommend this individual and what are you learning as a result of reading/listening to them?