Enjoying Campmeeting 2010

We are having a great time at Campmeeting 2010 so far. Due to getting time off and money we have made our trip into a little bit of a vacation mixed with Church Retreat. It has been a blast so far. We have done a few things to relax such as hanging at an extremely dear friends house, who opened their doors up so that we could bring the kids over to swim in their pool and catch up. Then we hit a place called Reedy River Falls in Downtown Greenville and lunch at the extraordinary Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakery. We got a few pics that I hope to upload on my photo blog soon.

The services have been amazing. God has really used two of the sermons so far to speak life into my heart and realize that we are not on the wrong track. One of the main things that God is adjusting us to is the fact that we are hid in him and we are going through a preparation period. Sometimes I get anxious and also frustrated thinking that I am forgotten and that nothing will open up but God is hiding me close to him, waiting for His timing when He is ready to do the work through me. My response is, Let it Be. Overall it is a great week and have made some pretty great memories.

So, Were Headed To Greenville For The Rest Of The Week

Hanging out this morning getting ready to head on to Greenville actually Mauldin to be exact. Looking forward to Campmeeting for the rest of the week. I think the last time we went was in 2004. So needless to say it’s been a while. Campmeeting is our denominations state get together, so to speak. We will have nightly services till Friday, and also a few morning study/services throughout the week. As we get ready to finish up visiting in Columbia this morning I couldn’t help but think of some former campmeeting memories that I have. My Grandfather would go up every year and most times as a kid we would go up with him. What an awesome week we would have with family and friends enjoying part of our summer vacation in Greenville. Not to mention that is the place I received some of my first bookings to speak when I started preaching. It proves to be a great place to connect with other members/churches from within our denomination, and also to meet new people. I am interested to see how things have changed over the past couple of years and to see what sort of things have stayed the same. I will post updates and highlights throughout the week, MAYBE, either here on the blog or either by picture over at my Photo Blog.

Maybe you have some fond memories of family vacations or even Denominational or Church meetings, share them?