Laughter, Is it Really That Hard to Do

Peyton reminded me of something I use to do when I was younger. Please note that at the time of this post he is only 19 months old.  This was not a physical conversation but in his own toddler way he reminded me of what my cousin and I would do, when we were younger, for fun.

As I was getting Peyton ready for bed I always have a habit of tickling his belly.  Most of the time he will let out one of those made up laughs, you know the one, where you reach down into your gut and just let out a bellow.  I mean you can tell that it is made up because of its sound and the reaction. However it quickly leads into full blown laughter. As he did this it made me think about the past. When I was younger my cousin and I would have laughing contests.  We had nothing that we were laughing at in particular just trying to laugh longer and louder than each other. A lot of times this would lead into a funny moment in which we would be laughing for a long time because of the way that each other would sound.

Now what is it with laughter, kids seem to have it down packed. I mean if you look at Peyton in a weird way he will start laughing and will continue to laugh. However I believe that as time goes on we forget about laughter throughout life. Why this is I am not sure. Maybe life gets in the way, jobs, commitment, maybe too busy of a life. I am amazed at how many people I come across on a daily basis at work, in stores, and even in church that never has a smile on their face and hardly ever laughs.

There is a saying, and believe it or not it comes out of the Bible. I know I am going to butcher it because I don’t have the verse in front of me but it goes something like this. Laughter is good for the soul, or either it is laughter is as a good medicine. Either way Gods word to us is that we laugh. To me that represents that God wants us to have fun. To enjoy life. To many times like I said laughter is far from peoples minds because life has gotten in the way of purpose.

This is my take on the subject. Maybe it is time that we become more like a child in the fact that we need to laugh. Try it sometimes, it will make your day go by better, you can see things in a different way, and to be honest it just makes you feel good in the center of your soul. You see Peyton will laugh for no particular reason at no particular time, and it brings joy to the whole room. Maybe it is time to become more like children, in that we get the most out of the little things.

Go ahead I dare, laugh – yeah someone may look at you funny but who knows you might feel better or you may help out someone around you. Remember laughter is a good medicine.