My Heart Goes Out to a Family In Our Community

My thoughts this morning have been on a family in our community who suffered a devastating loss on Tuesday. In short, a three year old child was hit while leaving our local hospital and later died. No doubt everyone involved needs prayers of comfort. While I don’t know this family personally reading about this has caused me to spend some time asking God to send people their way who can minister to their needs. You can read about this devastating loss in our local paper by clicking here.

Why am I blogging about this?

Sometimes things happen suddenly that turn our world upside down. In those moments we search for answers only to find their are none which can take away the pain. In short everyone is affected. A family has to cope with the loss of a child. An individual has to cope with the knowledge that one couples loss was at their hands. No one wins everyone looses.

So how are we to respond in moments like this?

Comfort. Don’t try and give explanations or fixes. Comfort one another. Comfort goes along way.

Be present. Even if you don’t say a word your presence speaks volumes.

Pray. Sometimes the greatest thing we can do is pray. As Christians we are to pray for one another.


30 Days of Thanks :: Sitting Around

I am thankful to be able to just sit around with nothing else on the agenda. Pretty much like I am going to do this evening. Chanelle and I picked up a few movies and are going to enjoy a quiet evening at the house. Peyton is in Sumter till tomorrow so it is just Julianna, Chanelle, and I. The movie for this evening is Letters to Juliet.

Now that you’ve read something I am thankful for, it’s your turn…What are you thankful for? Ready, Set, Go!

A Guys Evening With My Son

Peyton and I enjoyed a guys evening today while Chanelle and Julianna went over to a baby shower at a friends house. The agenda for us was the park downtown and then a stop by burger king for dinner. Never knew I could have so much fun with a three and a half year old, this parenting thing keeps on getting more fun everytime I turn around. However, now as I write this post Peyton has taken over our bed due to the fact he is terrified of storms and it just happens to be thundering. This is another one of those times that as inconvienent as it is at the moment, one day we will look back and wish they were young again. So, instead of wishing he wasnt so afraid I will enjoy the fact he finds safety just being with Mom and Dad.

Enjoying Campmeeting 2010

We are having a great time at Campmeeting 2010 so far. Due to getting time off and money we have made our trip into a little bit of a vacation mixed with Church Retreat. It has been a blast so far. We have done a few things to relax such as hanging at an extremely dear friends house, who opened their doors up so that we could bring the kids over to swim in their pool and catch up. Then we hit a place called Reedy River Falls in Downtown Greenville and lunch at the extraordinary Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakery. We got a few pics that I hope to upload on my photo blog soon.

The services have been amazing. God has really used two of the sermons so far to speak life into my heart and realize that we are not on the wrong track. One of the main things that God is adjusting us to is the fact that we are hid in him and we are going through a preparation period. Sometimes I get anxious and also frustrated thinking that I am forgotten and that nothing will open up but God is hiding me close to him, waiting for His timing when He is ready to do the work through me. My response is, Let it Be. Overall it is a great week and have made some pretty great memories.


Heading out this weekend to celebrate Riley’s 5th Birthday in Sumter. Can’t wait for a bit of a getaway…Then Monday the shop has the day off so it will be a day around the house. I can’t believe Riley is five already. Man how time flies. My little niece is growing up. Seems like yesterday we were at her first birthday party and I was able to be the first to witness her taking her first steps. Great times. One thing about it, we never grow younger…only older.

I am reminded…

“Cherish all the moments because soon, those moments will be only a memory.” – George Tallmage | May 28, 2010

The First Day Of The Last 6 Weeks On The Job

Chanelle and I have been talking for sometime, over a year or so, about the possibility of her staying home full time with the kids. Since having kids, her heart is not in her job, but in raising a family. Finally, we feel that it is the right timing… Well, actually, its not the right timing. I don’t know that anytime is the right time. However, we have counted the cost and realize that it is pretty much a faith move. Things will be tight as far as income goes but it is manageble. It will mean some adjustments when it comes to spending and wants, but she will begin to move into what she is passionate about, being a stay at home mom and wife. I am so thankful for her heart and her faith. More importantly we feel that it will for sure help us start moving towards some of our future goals. Pretty much this is a move that we have counted and have put off but realize more now than ever, its going to take faith to do what God has called us to do. So today, is the first day of her last six weeks at her job. That’s exciting and there is a peace about us that she is doing the right thing.

8 Years Since I’ve Traveled To Speak

Its been close to eight years since I have traveled for a speaking engagement. It really doesn’t seem that long, but I guess it has. In 2002 I went on staff as youth pastor and didn’t due to much outside speaking engagements so yeah, close to 8 years since I’ve been on the road solely to speak. Excited about the opportunity and also excited to try and get out there on the road again for some services here and there.

We will be speaking in two services at Friendship Church of God in Rock Hill, SC. My good friend Lee Ayers is the Lead Pastor and I am excited about the opportunity hang with his family for a bit before tonights service. The difference about this trip and the earlier ones 8 years ago is that now my wife and kiddo’s are with me. It used to be me alone headed to these things only with the thought of one day having a family to share the experience with. WOW!!!

Growing, Growing, Gone

Kids are amazing. It is hard to believe how fast they grow up. Just the other night as Chanelle was holding Peyton before he went to bed I could not help but think, “before we know it he will be in and out of the door doing his own thing.” It seems like yesterday when he would lay on my chest before he went to sleep the total length from his head to his feet was no more than 25 inches. I miss those days. Now he is 18 months old and trying to do is own thing and learn new things and even though he is still very much dependent on us his independence is growing by leaps and bounds. From wanting to feed himself to get in and out of the booster seat by himself he wants to be independent.

What else can I say my little man is growing up faster than what I want, like right now he took out the hand held vacuum cleaner turned it on vacuumed around a little (i am sure he was thinking he was helping out even though there is still dirt on the floor) and then put it back where it belonged. My hope is that everyday he knows what is like to have the love of his father and mother together raising him. Yeah I know there will be some bumps in this parenting thing and maybe I am a little bi-est but I do have the BEST SON IN THE WORLD!