A Personal Reminder and What Should Follow

Sometimes we allow other things to take the place of priorities in our life. A priority I have wanted to develop is writing more. Why? I was encouraged, exhorted if you will to make writing a priority by an individual whom I look up to and has been making investments in my life and ministry. So, I started making writing part of my daily routine. For a couple of weeks at least. Matter of fact when I look over my blog that is a constant trend. A few weeks of active posting, then every once in a while, and eventually long gaps of nothing. The cycle then repeats.

My wife mentioned to me at the beginning part of this week that she has noticed I have slowed down in my posting. Errr, It happened again. I started out with good momentum and I allowed something else to get in the way. While looking over this trend which is evident in my writing/blogging it reveals a bigger issue with my life. Discipline, or in my case a lack of it. We can’t afford to allow lesser things to take place of the main things that we should be doing.

When we ease up on discipline we become slothful. Life and sometimes even pressing things which are necessary have a way of interrupting some of the most important things which we need to be doing.

I have deliberately wrote this as a personal reminder for myself. As I review and read over my posts I will be able to gauge how well I am doing at keeping my commitment to write by how far this post moves down the line. My goal, in a years time that there be at least 260 posts in front of this one. That equals out to approximately 5 posts a week. I was reminded yesterday at the Oasis Pastors Conference that as a Pastor and communicator…”You will not improve your speaking skills until you improve your writing skills.” -David Kemp.

The overall purpose of my writing will fall in line with my goal for this blog, to motivate mobilize, and mentor others to live life in a passionate pursuit of God. However, here is what you can expect to read; I will post what God is specifically teaching me through my alone time with him, as well as my preaching notes and notes from conferences I attend. I will also write about what I am learning about life and ministry while serving and leading in the role of Lead Pastor.

Any insight or thoughts you want to pass along to me, leave them in the comments.


Life is really busy right now. I find myself wishing for just a few more hours in the day, mostly wanting to use it for sleep. With work, filling in with the preaching responsibilities at Hardeeville, and add MIP in the mix there is not much time left for anything else. Alot of little things that I would like to be doing are fallng through the cracks. Some of the things I actually need to be doing. One of the good things about this season, I am being made aware of the importance of proper planning/scheduling. Which, is something I am not good at but it is a discipline I am having to develop in order to stay on top of everything I have to do.

What season of life do you seem to be in right now and how is this season stretching you in ways you are not use to? What new disciplines are you having to develop or implement?

Discussion On Parenting : Discipline And A 3 Year Old

Last night was a first for Chanelle and I. We had to leave church due to Peyton acting out. Unfortunantly there isnt a nursery available on Wednesday nights for the Bible Study so we had to take him home. Sometimes 3yr olds just want to do there own thing and nothing else matters. Kind of reminds me of our relationship with God. We know how we should live and act, but then, we go against what is expected and live out our own way. in return the road is much harder.

That brings me to the subject of discipline. I am sure most parents have said…”WE WONT HAVE THAT KID.” Yeah, Chanelle and I have said that too. Now, we have THAT KID.

So how do we respond when discipline is needed? What is the proper way to discipline children in a Godly way?