30 Days of Thanks :: Marriage

I Just spent the past few hours preparing the rough draft of a Wedding Ceremony I will be officiating in December. While reading through and prepping I drew illustrations and examples from many places and my mind kept going back to my own wedding ceremony in 2005. March 26, 2005 Chanelle and I had a simple ceremony in the living room of my Grandparents house dressed in blue jeans and t-shirts. Then three months later we had the ceremony for family and friends on June 25. I couldn’t help but think how thankful I am of Marriage. Not just marriage, but my marriage to Chanelle. The past five years have not been an easy road but we have made some awesome memories along the way. I don’t know what the next 5 or fifty years might bring but I am sure we will make some memories on the way. I am thankful that God instituted marriage in general but more specific I feel extremely blessed that he had Chanelle for me to share the rest of my life with.

In today’s society marriage is seen as nothing more than a returnable item. Marriages are being attacked in every way. Society focus more on what a marriage can give an individual rather than what the individual can give inside the marriage. A lasting marriage is not the norm in a lot of cases. Even among Christians and that is a shame. Marriage is more than a contract but a commitment and I am extremely thankful that I am on a journey with a wonderful wife. A journey that isn’t filled with smooth roads and clean pit stops. Sometimes this road is messy. Sometimes we find ourselves off of the route and have to ask for directions by other people who are farther along in the journey than we are. If there is any advice that I can give a couple on their wedding day it would be this…

“You have spent a lot of time and energy preparing for the ceremony that ends in a matter of minutes. When the ceremony is over your marriage begins. Have the same zeal and determination to make your marriage work as you did to make the ceremony happen.” – George Tallmage, Nov2010

Needless to say I am thankful for being able to share my life with the woman who has my heart, Chanelle!

Now that you’ve read something I am thankful for, it’s your turn…

What are you thankful for? Ready, Set, Go!

Keep Looking Ahead By Faith

By faith Moses, when he had grown up, refused to be known as the son of Pharaoh’s daughter. He chose to be mistreated along with the people of God rather to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a short time. He regarded disgrace for the sake of Christ as of greater value than the treasures of Egypt, because he was looking ahead to his reward | Hebrews 11:24-26

Moses chose the hard life rather than the convienant due to the fact he was looking beyond where he was to where he was going. This reminds me, sins pleasure is for a short time and leaves one left out of an eternal reward. Choosing your way based on the sake of Christ keeps you looking ahead. So, keep looking ahead by faith not accepting that which is convienant but choose the greater reward.

Discussion On Parenting : Discipline And A 3 Year Old

Last night was a first for Chanelle and I. We had to leave church due to Peyton acting out. Unfortunantly there isnt a nursery available on Wednesday nights for the Bible Study so we had to take him home. Sometimes 3yr olds just want to do there own thing and nothing else matters. Kind of reminds me of our relationship with God. We know how we should live and act, but then, we go against what is expected and live out our own way. in return the road is much harder.

That brings me to the subject of discipline. I am sure most parents have said…”WE WONT HAVE THAT KID.” Yeah, Chanelle and I have said that too. Now, we have THAT KID.

So how do we respond when discipline is needed? What is the proper way to discipline children in a Godly way?