Making the Bible a Priority Makes a Difference Today

On September 1st I started month four of a six month journey through the New Testament. In June I invited those who were a part of the congregation to join me. Each month we have created bookmarks, like the one in the sidebar, and gave them to those who wanted to take the journey. As we started  on the first day in June I was so excited from promoting and kicking off the reading plan that it was a breeze those first couple of day’s.

Read the Bible in order that you may grow in your relationship with Christ. Not merely to finish a “goal.”

After the newness of starting something wore off I found myself having to push myself to keep going. Not because I didn’t want to read, but because I approached reading the New Testament as something monumental. Instead of focusing on getting into God’s word I began to focus on finishing a goal. As I continued to press through and read on, God has begun to change me. He’s changing me through His word. I am finding that as I wake I can’t wait to get into the reading for today, not because it will take me closer to finishing the “goal” but because it will take me deeper into my relationship with Jesus Christ.

Bible reading is for personal growth first.

As a matter of fact, as a Pastor it’s our “job” to be in the word, right? To pull out the deep truths of God’s word and reveal them to those he has called us to Pastor? I am afraid that for many getting into the word has become just that, our “job” and not a pleasure. Don’t get me wrong over the last few months the messages have been coming from a text which we have read together as a Church the previous week but as I read in my quiet time my approach is for personal growth first. As I have finished reading through Acts 13 this morning, the last 3 months have been truly transforming. My personal time with God has come first. If I can leave you with one thing it is this… Make scripture a priority in your life today.

Engaging in the Bible is more than just something to be checked off as a believer. Engaging the Holy Scripture keeps you grounded as you follow Christ.