30 Days of Thanks :: Trials

It’s not that I wake up in the morning and think to myself…

“Wow, today I would love a new trial” or “It’s been a while since I have had a trial, maybe today is my lucky day.”

Trials are hard, burdensome, and they really take a lot out of a person. However, here lately the more I read God’s Word I find that trials help strengthen a believers life and can be used to direct ones attention and trust in the one who can bring them out of the trial. I think it only appropriate to say, “I am truly thankful for the trials I have went through in life.” They have helped strengthen my faith in a God that loves and cares for His creation. My trials have helped me commit my way to His desire for my life. Have I screwed up from time to time…YES! Have I given in under the weight of some of my trials…YES! One of the main reasons I have is due to the fact I have taken my eyes off God and put the focus on my trials. Out of all of the mistakes and sin, I have come to know God’s forgiveness more and more. It’s not that I want to fall under the weight of the trials because I don’t. I want to strive everyday to live a consecrated holy life for God and His purposes. However, my victories and failures while going through my trials have become a testimony to the goodness, faithfulness, and grace of God. I encourage you, rejoice in your trials and be thankful for them. Read James 1

Now that you’ve read something I am thankful for, it’s your turn. What are you thankful for? Ready, Set, Go!


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