30 Days of Thanks :: Work

I am thankful for work, my job, etc is kind of a cliché thing to be thankful for right? I mean especially in this economy when so many are looking for jobs. If I can be honest, I really don’t like the company I work for but that doesn’t stop me from being thankful everyday for the crew I get to work with. Some people get up every morning and would rather work for another company and be part of another team. Even though I don’t like the company I work for my distaste for them is counter balanced by getting to work alongside some of the best co-workers an individual could have. Seriously! If I may describe the team a little bit.

“We are a ragtag group of individuals who come from very…very different backgrounds with a wealth of issues, mainly mental, j/k. Well, mostly!”

In our crew there is a wealth of knowledge, a team focus, and a real genuine care about making sure the job is completed and done right, no matter what it takes. We work hard and laugh a lot. There isn’t a day that goes by where at some point, whether it be 7:00AM at the start of the work day or 3:30PM when we are leaving the shop, that our sides aren’t hurting due to the laughter from something that is said or done by one of our other comrades. I really believe we are the face of what a team looks like and should be.

Now that you’ve read something I am thankful for, it’s your turn…Ready, Set, Go!

What are you thankful for?