Shots Bikes and Blonde Squirrels

I have some kind of sinus/cold thing going on that is driving me crazy, not sure what it is but its got to go. We have too much planned this weekend and I have to preach Sunday so I hope I am 100%. Julianna had a doctors visit today. She had to get her 1yr old shots. They tested her hemoglobian and it was a little low, so the doc want us to increase foods with iron in them into her diet. They should be doing another test at about 15months.

Peyton has been saving up some spare change and such we have had left over for a while. So, I took him to the store and bought him a bike with it. We got him a helmet and all…he feels like he is one of the big kids now. Hard to believe he will be four in January. While at park today we saw something pretty interesting, an AlBino/Blonde squirral. I have never seen one before. I grabbed some pics, will have to share them later. Overall it was a pretty great day.

Keep Pursuing!

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