Daily Jots

I am attempting something new. I am not too consistant at blogging so I thought of a way that may keep me regular. I will shoot a post from my phone via txt message highlighting some of my daily happenings or things that stand out. I figure this may be easier due to the fact that I can do it more convienntly and within boundries. I can send txt from my phone to my blog with no more than 1000 characters so it will make me be more or less brief but still putting out regular posts. It can also help by throwing out an idea for me to post about in detail at a later time. So, this is my new blogging goal that I hope will help me develop a more routine blogging time. Maybe along the way some of my daily happenings can help someone else live out their pursuit with passion. Well, this is my first and I am at the end of my limit so stay tuned for my next update within a day or two.

Keep Pursuing!