Just A Few Things God Is Speaking Into Me This Week

I feel somewhat that this was MY WEEK…There have been a few defining moments where I believe God spoke directly to me through either one of the messages or bible studies at 2010 SCCOG Campmeeting. If I can pick out a few definitive times it would be Tuesday nights message, Wednesday nights message and Thursday mornings bible study. In each of these services I felt God doing something in me that kind of built upon one another. For instance…

Tuesday I was reminded that God knows right where I am at, safe in the pavilion of his arms. Wednesday and Thursday Morning kind of bounced off of each other in that God was teaching me that His will and dream for our life never dies. In particular a message was given out with the exact statement, “What would you do, if You Knew You Could Not Fail.” God reiterated once again he knows right where I am at. Needless to say, this is what I needed personally, spiritually, emotionally, physically in all areas of my life. Can’t wait to grab the CD’s of these service before we leave out on tomorrow and spend some time jotting down some notes over the next few days on some specific areas that I felt God speaking to me.

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