Holy Interruptions

I like Holy interruptions, I feel we had one of those in service this morning. One of those times where it was needed just to sing the chorus one more time and focus solely on God. I love those times because it reminds you of who is in charge. I want to continually be open to those Holy interruptions. So much can be done in those few minutes where God takes over and peoples worship is filled with Gods Spirit. Holy interruptions are so intimate and rejuvenating. It is my hope that I am always open and sensitive to those Holy interruptions. I think they are needed, but are lacking in most of our lives and Churches.

Ask More Questions

Sometimes I find myself asking questions regarding my faith, doctrine, etc. Simple questions like, why do I believe the way I do, is it out pure conviction or is it just what I have been told to belive since I was a child. Is it because I believe it is absolutly true. I think it is okay to ask those questions because it keeps us searching. You see, when I question I go straight to the book that holds the answers to my faith. I pose those questions, write them down, and the search out the scripture to see how that lines up with what I am asking at the moment. Overall I think asking questions are a good thing. It keeps us ever learning and ever growing. I like the attitude of the disciples, they were always asking Jesus questions. So don’t stop asking, because it will keep you searching.