Rambling Mind List

Feeling a bit overwhelmed…need a break of sort. To clear my mind, identify distractions, and get direction.

Really need to set up a schedule for reading, planning, devo’s.

My attitude has been off for the past few days. Short with co-workers, kiddo’s, and Chanelle. Everything gets on my nerves.

Need to put more work into our future goals, spend time dreaming and planning.

I don’t like my job, it is draining. Not hard work, and it is a great job. Time demands are low, and not really a stressful environment. The draining part isn’t the work or the place, it’s the fact its not my passion. Oh to be able to do what I love. That’s where the work needs to be put on the previous statement and the steps made, and connections strengthened to get to that place.

Pursue, Pursue, Pursue.