A League Of Your Own

A League Of Your Own is the statement one of the Judges said about Crystal Bowersox, one of the final two on this season of American Idol. I haven’t kept up with the competition this year with the exception of a few shows at the beginning and the final sing off between the last two contestants tonight. However, the first time I heard Crystal Bowersox sing in the start of the season I felt she would be the one to beat. She had determination, purpose, and she was herself. She didn’t change throughout. For so many in these types settings you end up seeing a different person in the end than who they were in the beginning. It’s almost like you see Minnie me’s of other artists or trends. A League of Your Own is what I feel should be the characteristic of a disciple of Christ. He is to be our example and our life is to be hid in Christ. We are not to conform to pattern of this world, but instead be transformed [Rom12.1-2]. I believe that transformation is a transformation to the image of Christ which will ultimately bring us into a League of our own… Not to get caught up in the trends or be like everyone else in the Christian community but instead, just be ourselves. Who God created us to be, in the image of His Son. There is nothing wrong with learning from others but we are not made to be them. Be different, be unique, let it be said of you, that you were in a League of Your Own.


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