Is The Church Really Making A Difference In Haiti

Took this quote from an artical in Saturday’s paper.

“The earthquake scared me,” said Veronique Malot, a 24-year-old who joined an evangelical church two weeks ago when she found herself living in a tent camp. “Voodoo has been in my family but the government isn’t helping us. The only people giving aid are the Christian churches.” [Quake Kindles Religious Divide In Haiti | Saturday, February 13, 2010 | Island Packet | Page 14A]

Do you think the Church making a difference?  How does this make you feel and how does it inspire you to help out?

Yvonne's Story

I am starting something new.  This is the first post in the category, Their Story-Your Story.  I come across some great people from time to time with incredible stories.  The history of how they arrived, what they have overcome, and what they have seen, needs a voice.  This is my attempt to get their story out.  To be honest everyone has a story, do you care enough to listen?  Insert Yvonne’s Story…

Dafuskie is an Island a few miles from Hilton Head, SC pretty much made up of tourists.  The only way there and back is by boat.  I have lived in Beaufort all my life and have never made the trip to Dafuskie until I started working with school maintenance.  There is an elementary school (with a staff of 4 and less than a dozen of students) on Dafuskie and I have been there a couple of times to check out some issues that come up.  When we arrive on Dafuskie the  school has to send up a staff member and car to pick us up from the boat dock.  Yvonne is one of the 4 staff and she picked us up today.  She works  as the only kitchen attendant and also as the custodian.  Today on the way from the dock to the school I found out some interesting history on Yvonne and her family and wanted to share that with you.

Yvonne’s family (great-great grandmother) came to Dafuskie via slave trade.  They gained their freedom while on Dafuskie and settled down.  Yvonne is the fifth generation of her family born on Dafuskie.  The renovations that she alone has seen is astounding.  Not to mention the history her family line has on the island.  At 57 now, she talked of a time when their were no paved roads, and the only way from one end of the island to the other was by foot or horse on a dirt road.  She talked of the school she attended on the island, which is now a historical landmark, the Mary Fields School House.  On that small island alone is a rich set of history that Yvonne is a part of.  She is more than a tourist that has settled down on the island because they have the money to do so.  She see’s it more than just a prime piece of real estate.  She see’s it for more than a few great golf courses.  It is part of her legacy, a place she calls home and hopes to pass her piece of legacy down to her kids.  Her story is rich, and intriguing, yet sobering due to how much can change in 57 years.  So if you ever get a chance to travel to Dafuskie you will have to look her up and hear her story for yourself.

What about you, have you shared your story?  How did you get here?  Where are you going?  Who led the way for you?  Share YOUR Story!

What A Day

Just wanted to sum up my day before I call it a night.  Chanelle and I had a blast being with Greater Life Ministries this morning.  They have a great work going on and are passionate about reaching their community.  It was a privilage being able to interview for the Youth Pastor position.  The leadership of the council and staff is pretty incredible.  The student ministry seems like a well knitted community of students and really on fire with a passion to reach their peers.  Thanks for your prayers and please keep the council and church lifted in prayer as they make their final decision later this week.

***UPDATE 02/18/2010 :: The council made a unanimous decision to hire one of the other applicants.  I recieved word today via email thanking us for the time we took to interview and offered up prayers for what the future holds for us. What a great opportunity for the Church and also for the hired applicant. Chanelle and I are celebrating with the Chuch and also the applicant.  We are now back at the applying stage and cant wait to see what God has ready for us and where he is going to open a door.

Weekend Away

So I have been off facebook and twitter most of the week with a couple of random posts here and there, hinting at the idea that Chanelle and I would be heading out-of-town for a pretty exciting, possible, venture. I delayed in giving too much info and will still keep it on the down low until after we hear word on the results of this weekends meeting. But to fill you in a bit, here you go…

If you are an avid reader of my blog or know me personally you know that my passion and heartbeat is full-time ministry.   After submitting a resume, a few phone conversations, and contact via email, I received word that one of the church’s I applied to wants Chanelle and I to interview this Sunday (02/07).  We are totally stoked about hanging out, and talking about the future of the youth ministry, and our role if we are the right fit.  It is really hard to not be excited.  To be honest we are beside ourself and absolutely pumped.  We would appreciate your prayers.

Do you have any suggestions, tips, or wisdom  you could share on the interview process ? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Reverent Submission

Hebrews 5:7 – During the days of Jesus’ life on earth, he offered up prayers and petitions with loud cries and tears to the one who could save him from death, and he was heard because of his reverent submission.

The other morning this verse stood out to me in my devotions. Particularly the last two words in the scripture, reverent submission. Not all submission is reverent. There is a difference in submitting to something/someone because you are made to and submitting out of reverence for that thing/someone. Reverent submission shows that you truly believe deep down that the person that you are submitting to has your best interest at heart. Jesus exemplified, through his life, reverent submission. He first of all directed his attention and prayers to the one that could save him from death, however; he submitted to plan that God had for his only Son to be the ultimate sacrifice for our Sins. He didn’t submit because he “had to” or was “made to.” His submission stemmed from the fact he truly believed that God the father had his best intrest, and the intrest of others at heart. I know at times I submit because I feel that I am made to. I really need to work on that!

How do you stack up in practicing Reverent Submission, do you really know God has your best interest at heart?

Speaking Engagement

Its still a way’s off but wanted to put on the radar that I have a speaking engagement schedualed for April 24-25, 2010.  Not all the plans are in place yet and it still has to be announced to the local church in the area so I will not put too much info within this post.  Just wanted to throw it out there so you can begin to pray for Me, the Church Leadership, and Community.  Pray that God will begin to stir hearts and lives within the area that I will be ministering.

Today I'm Twenty Eight


Found this pic via image seach. Click pic to go to original author.

 Today I turn 28. I like the number twenty-eight. For instance, there are some ages that I didn’t really like, only because of the number part, those ages didn’t sound grown up. Lets see like, 12, 14, 17, 20, 23 and 24, and 27. I don’t know why but those ages just sounded young to me. Twenty-Eight I can live with. To me it just sounds older. I am kind of exited as I hit my 28 year mark. I look forward to a lot of good things in the next year of my life. I hope to tack down some important steps as it relates to career. I normally do my “resolutions” around the time of my birthday. Simply, because I look at that as my new year. So as I continue to look at some things I want to accomplish and “do better” or “put down,” I am stoked.

Thanks for stopping by and celebrating my 28th with me. I have heard that “28” is one of few perfect numbers.In spite of the grey I  have accumulated on my head and face, I say…Bring It. Lets Party!

What ages do you think just sound “Young” and what age have you liked the best so far?