Defining Moment

Everyone has a defining moment in their life. It may come through pain, joy, or in some other form. It is a moment that causes you to think about where you are going and what you are doing.

My moment came in late 2008. It wasn’t a loud audible voice but deep down I knew it would change the course of my life as I knew it. It would cause me to evaluate where I was at in life and what I wanted to become. As I read that David was a man after God’s heart I knew what God was asking of me. To live my life in passionate pursuit of Him. While I have spent the better part of a year seeking what that may look like I still don’t know the details, but one thing I do know, “I must live a Life Of Pursuit.” The pursuit of knowing Him and making Him Known. The pursuit of dying to myself and living for Christ. The pursuit to help others in their journey to be all that they can be for God. Let’s be honest, the pursuit doesn’t offer great riches, a prominent name, or even a life free of pain or heartache. What it offers is much more.

The life of pursuit has taught me to be greatful of what I have, all my needs are supplied for. Who I am rest in the fact of who God is and who he is molding me to be. When pain or heartache come I have a place I can go that speaks comfort and calmness to any situation.

My defining moment came when I felt I was being called to simply live out the pursuit. That is what I want my life to speak my personal mantra if you will. A Life Of Pursuit.

What moment has defined you the most? Where are you know because of that moment? How has that defining moment changed you the most? Do you have a personal mantra for your life? If so, share it?