What A Day

Just wanted to sum up my day before I call it a night.  Chanelle and I had a blast being with Greater Life Ministries this morning.  They have a great work going on and are passionate about reaching their community.  It was a privilage being able to interview for the Youth Pastor position.  The leadership of the council and staff is pretty incredible.  The student ministry seems like a well knitted community of students and really on fire with a passion to reach their peers.  Thanks for your prayers and please keep the council and church lifted in prayer as they make their final decision later this week.

***UPDATE 02/18/2010 :: The council made a unanimous decision to hire one of the other applicants.  I recieved word today via email thanking us for the time we took to interview and offered up prayers for what the future holds for us. What a great opportunity for the Church and also for the hired applicant. Chanelle and I are celebrating with the Chuch and also the applicant.  We are now back at the applying stage and cant wait to see what God has ready for us and where he is going to open a door.