Weekend Away

So I have been off facebook and twitter most of the week with a couple of random posts here and there, hinting at the idea that Chanelle and I would be heading out-of-town for a pretty exciting, possible, venture. I delayed in giving too much info and will still keep it on the down low until after we hear word on the results of this weekends meeting. But to fill you in a bit, here you go…

If you are an avid reader of my blog or know me personally you know that my passion and heartbeat is full-time ministry.   After submitting a resume, a few phone conversations, and contact via email, I received word that one of the church’s I applied to wants Chanelle and I to interview this Sunday (02/07).  We are totally stoked about hanging out, and talking about the future of the youth ministry, and our role if we are the right fit.  It is really hard to not be excited.  To be honest we are beside ourself and absolutely pumped.  We would appreciate your prayers.

Do you have any suggestions, tips, or wisdom  you could share on the interview process ? I would love to hear your thoughts!