Today I'm Twenty Eight


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 Today I turn 28. I like the number twenty-eight. For instance, there are some ages that I didn’t really like, only because of the number part, those ages didn’t sound grown up. Lets see like, 12, 14, 17, 20, 23 and 24, and 27. I don’t know why but those ages just sounded young to me. Twenty-Eight I can live with. To me it just sounds older. I am kind of exited as I hit my 28 year mark. I look forward to a lot of good things in the next year of my life. I hope to tack down some important steps as it relates to career. I normally do my “resolutions” around the time of my birthday. Simply, because I look at that as my new year. So as I continue to look at some things I want to accomplish and “do better” or “put down,” I am stoked.

Thanks for stopping by and celebrating my 28th with me. I have heard that “28” is one of few perfect numbers.In spite of the grey I  have accumulated on my head and face, I say…Bring It. Lets Party!

What ages do you think just sound “Young” and what age have you liked the best so far?