Do Over

At times I have wanted a Do Over. You know, get that moment back and make a different choice.  I thought I would ask my twitter follwers and facebook peeps to answer this simple question,

“If I could have a Do Over I would_________!”

Here are some of the responses I received from facebook, twitter, and even a few texts.
:: I would plan better financially at an earlier age
:: I learned that alcohol should not be used as an excuse for wrong-doings, partied less in college, not have dropped    my cell phone in the toilet, been wiser with my money in my younger days and not have gotten a credit card in high school, focused more on family, friends, church and dance when I was in high school and not on boys,kept in touch better with old friends, there are more but I just realized that if these things would have been different and things played differently in my life, I would not be where I am at right now and I love this place in my life. Things happen fora reason and with thought, I would not change anything…
:: I would do everything the same. Maybe everything wasn’t perfect, but any mistakes I made have given me strength and the knowledge that I can do anything.  Plus, if I changed anything I might not have met my spouse or had our child.
:: I would have went to college after graduating high school, and became a rn. i love my job, it is so rewarding.
:: I would take back actions before marriage that I feel has ultimately affected mine and my spouses sex life now.
:: I would do over my teenage years. I made some wrong decisions and treated some people wrongly back then, including myself. I did not have Christ in my life at that time. I have learned a lot in the last 6 years and I know I have been forgiven for my sins.  I know now looking back I was a child making adult decisions.

So what about you, is there anything you would like to Do Over, join in on the conversation by leaving a comment below. Thanks for your input.