Happy BDay Sis

I won't go into age or anything but I will say she is a little older than me and starting her next 30….Oops

She's a great Sister even though she kicked me in the gut with steel toe shoes when we were younger…

…Now that I have caught my breath why don't you post a comment and help me wish Her a Happy Birthday.



This one word has held so many back from accomplishing so much. Webster defines it as insufficient, not capable.

When I think of family, so many Fathers and Mothers feel incapable to be great parents due to their own upbringing. There are many women that struggle with the capability to love due to abuse and heartache they have had. Many in leadership positions feel incapable of their God given call due to failure, not enough schooling, talent etc.

Parents on your own you can't give the proper love and leadership your family deserves by always looking back and making decisions based solely on what you didn't have. Women on your own you can never feel trusting of anothers love when you keep looking back at the hurt and pain of a false Love. Leader you can never lead well when you allow accomplishments, or lack their of, to be the sole determination in your direction.

The truth is we are all inadequate of doing great things on our own. Remember don't allow the past hurt, pain, loss, and failure to determine where God wants to take you and what He wants you to become.

Maybe you have some advice or can contribute on dealing with inadequacy. I would love to hear your story.

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