5 Interview Thoughts

Here five things I have learned from my interview with GCA, if I am ever on the other side of the table conducting the interview. Especially if I am the General Manager of the Department.

  • Please turn off phones and computer chimes. That was a huge interruption as I was trying to tell him about myself. His phone and his computer kept going off.
  • Don’t allow potential candidate to feel as if I am blowing them off when I ask them if there are anymore questions. I was asked if I had any questions, then he would cut me off with very little answers.
  • Provide chairs in the hallway for applicants to sit in while other potential employees are being interviewed.
  • If I am conducting the interviews in a hotel meeting room post signs leading us to the right area. After walking to the front desk and given a not so nice reception I finally found the room.
  • Have HR person or adequate materials in place to answer questions pertaining to benefits, paid holidays, vacation, and sick leave. No HR person on hand so most of the questions I had I am still waiting to hear back on.

Have you ever had any interviews that left you wandering if it was really an interview or not?

Maybe you have conducted interviews before and can give some insight?

Are there any bogus events or quirks that you don’t want to ever experiance again?