Gotta Light

Have felt like you were sitting in a pitch black room, you knew there was a door, or better yet a light switch, however you had no sense of how to get to either of them?

That is where I am as it relates to a lot of areas of my life. I have many questions that are left unanswered and I am unsure what steps I need to take. There are hopes and dreams of future opportunities that I want to shoot for but the events of the past few weeks have left me questioning and searching for what to do and where to go in the present. What to do in regards to my job leaves me with more questions than answers as it relates to my families well being.

Do I whole heartily seek to stay with my current company and relocate? If so that means selling my house, uprooting my family, etc.

Do I take what the new company offers and stay here? Even if that means a pay-cut in one way or the other.

I honestly don’t know.

There is one thing that I know for certain. My ultimate passion and calling in life is not to be a plumber. Do I think I will remain a plumber in a year or two? Honestly I don’t think I will.

My calling and passion is ministry. I love investing in other people. I would love the chance to take my passion full time in some capacity. So the bigger question as I see it would be;

What do I do that will lead me to my life’s calling?

While I am unsure of that at this moment in time I will continue to be optimistic holding to faith even though I don’t have the facts.

So I will sit. Sit in this dark room, knowing there is a switch, certain there is a door. I will sit right here in this darkness until I know for sure that the move I make will bring me closer to the dreams and goals for which I strive.

It would definitely be a lot easier with one of those clapper things though! clap on…clap off… clap on clap off…clap on