Memorial Day Weekend

Is your weekend filled with traveling or just staying home. Do you have any special events to go to, are you doing a BBQ. I love holiday weekends number one because I get an extra day off from work. I mean who doesn’t love that. More important than the day off from work it gives me an extra day to spend with my wife and son. We don’t have any major plans, just staying around the house and just enjoying not having anywhere to be.

My wife took a little bit of time this morning to go hang out with a high school friend and do a little bit of shopping and I get the opportunity to play at a local course in the area on tomorrow for like dirt cheap. You can’t beat an Arnold Palmer course, and one of the hardest in the area for only 29 bucks…SCORE!!! Monday we are probably taken Peyton to go pick some Strawberries at a local farm. We had such a blast last year and decided we would make that our normal thing to do on Memorial Day Weekend.

So what about you, is there any event or special thing that you normally take part in on Memorial Day. If so let me know I would love to hear what you do?