Hero Book Review

Being a single man and striving to live a life of purity in today’s culture can be a frightening experience. Too often men walk into a marriage with hardly anything to give their wife because they have given up everything to previous girlfriends or relationships.

Hero is the third book in the Every Man’s Battle Series and Fred Stoeker is joined by his son Jasen to empower us as men to be a Hero, Becoming the Man She Desires.

Jasen’s story is amazing seeing that he went to a public school, graduated from a public college, and still was able to walk into his marriage with his purity in tact. Matter of fact, his first kiss was on his wedding day. That is pretty amazing if you ask me.

I highly recoomend this book for any guy. To many times we settle to be less than a Hero for the women around us. It doesn’t matter where you are in your walk, it is never to late to be a Hero. Fred’s story is proof that it is not to late to live a life of Purity. His commitment to purity broke a generational curse so it would not be left for his son to endure.

This book will keep you sucked in. It is a little over 200 pages and I was hooked. In a total of three days while working full time, I was finished reading. Even though I finished quickly the book has left me with hope that no matter where I am in my walk, or what I have done in the past, I can be the Hero my wife deserves, and pass that onto my Children. As a father I want my Son to see the Hero in me so that he can be the Hero for her.

Get the book Here: This is a great gift to give to your son or any other guy you know that may be leaving for College this year.