Drawing Board

As disgruntle as I am about the school boards decision to release Sodexo as the management for the school maintenance department I realize the opportunities that I have before me. I am somewhat fearful due to the fact that as it stands right now as of June 30 I will be out of a job. With that in mind it has sent me to the drawing board about what is in the best interest of my family and also how can I use this opportunity to walk in my calling and passion. These are the options I have before me at the moment.

1) Apply with the new contractor and if hired stay on as a part of the maintenance team for the Beaufort County School District Maintenance Team.

2) Contact the higher ups at Sodexo and give them a list of states I would like to work in and seek out an opportunity at another facility.

3) Pull out my resume and make a list of churches that are seeking a Youth Pastor, find out about the Church, their vision and start sending it off.

First and foremost I want to keep God and my calling at the center of what I do. With that in mind I made a short list of what I feel I need to look at in determining my next steps.

1) My family comes first. I must lead my family and keep in mind that God expects me to to take care of them and do what’s best for my wife and children.

2) My relationship with God must remain in tact. I cannot allow this road bump deter me away from the faith and my calling.

3) I feel called into ministry more so in the area of student ministry how can I use this time to start moving in that direction. What move would be more useful in preparing me for full time ministry.
4) Whatever door opens and I walk through can I be loyal to my family, calling, and future employer.

Needless to say as much as I am unsure of what the future holds I am excited about the opportunities before me. If my family is looking for a move either with Sodexo or Youth Ministry some of the places we would definitely be open to going would be Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, or somewhere in South Carolina.

As a reader I ask that you would join with me and my family in praying that we would hear and listen to God’s voice in this matter. Not our will but his be done. Whatever direction we move in may it be a testimony to his grace, mercy, and care, and may it bring those around us know more and trust in Him.

Thanks for taking part in my life of pursuit. This an amazing Journey.

What is your take? Has there been a time where you have been left vulnerable and open and how did it strengthen your Pursuit? How did God remind you that He will take care of You?