Weekend Take Away

I had an amazing weekend. It was surrounded by family. On friday my sis and her husband came down with my two neices, add my son to the mix and we had a full house.

Saturday me and my brother in law decided to play 18 with a couple of cool guys that I know, and we had a blast. Got a little sunburnt but it is all good. I was thrilled with my game had some pretty great shots but the company was awesome. By no means am I a good golfer but I love the game. It would have been great to shoot in the 90’s but I will take my 103 and be proud.

Yesterday we had two great meetings which I hope to share with you over the next couple of days. Heard a great message on marriage yesterday morning and a great leadership lesson last night

My wife and I sent my son with mimi to go see Elmo. He seemed pretty excited about it but hey it is not hard to please a two year old right?

I have a pretty good outlook for the week. A lot is going on with my job. There is a vote by the school board on Tuesday to see if the company that is currently managing the maint dept will keep its contract or of they will award it to the other bidder. Hopefully nothing changes, I would hate to start back over from square one but either way I have a great outlook.

Last but not least I was able to have an awesome meeting from one of the students that used to be in the youth ministry where I use to Youth Pastor. God is doing some amazing things where he is at now and it is hard to believe that he is in college. God really has a call and it was encouraging to know that God used me to influence his life. God is going to do some pretty amazing things as he starts to look at ministry.

Thanks for taking the time to peek into my life. I hope that you are encouraged and here is something to think about this week.

What are you going to do to influence someone around you, what can you do to make sure someone else gets the most out of life?

I would love to hear your feedback.