Night Night Moon

My son does some amazing things that blow my mind with only being two. For instance as he was just picking up words about a year or so ago we would be outside as the sun was setting and you could faintly see the moon in the sky. He would point and I would say moon. From that time on he has been intrigued by the moon.

When I come in from work, normally around 3:45 PM he will make his trek outside to the side of the house that the moon normally shows up, point and say moon. Sometimes there will be a lite silhouette and sometimes there wont it all depends. Tonight however, I was blown away. We were inside and he was doing all he could to get at the window saying moon. Finally he got frustrated because he couldn’t get the blinds out the way, opened the back door and jetted out on the deck. He looked up and just stared in amazement and kept saying moon. Then he looked up and said, night night moon, bye bye.

I wonder what he is thinking as he looks in the sky and sees that round shining light, I like to think he is wandering how he can get to it which leads me to believe he is going to be super smart. In my thinking he will graduate high school at 6. Hold his college degree and doctorate by 9 and go on to work at NASA by 1o and be the first 11yr old making a trip to the moon. Okay maybe not but let a father dream a little would ya.

Anyways it is amazing how certain things captivate certain people especially children. If he loves the moon now and continues to be captivated by it then as a father I will help to encourage those dreams because that’s what we do as fathers. We lead, we encourage, and we never give up on our children.

Take time, be a Dad dream with your children….